Council of Thieves

The wave door

After working with the head for several

hours we were finally able to make some

progress with the head. Harley and

Lilith were able to act friendly towards

it and I was able to plant the thought

in its head that it wanted to tell us

the answers that we were trying to find.

Shortly after casting the spell the head

seemed to snap to it’s senses and

realized that we could each help

each other. We asked if it could help

with the poem that we found along with

it, however it couldn’t. After further

study from us we were able to find a

poem hidden within the poem disguised as

extra syllables in the words. The new

poem was about a wave door and how to

open it. We learned from the head where

the wave door was and we decided to head

to there to see what we were able to

find. I have been working on vastly

increasing Steve’s abilities and he is

now able to transform into the Tardis.

For those of you that don’t know what a

Tardis is, it is a spaceship. It looks

like a tall blue box that has the words

police box on it. On the outside it is

roughly the size of a telephone booth

(an average closet) however, when you

open the door you find that it is larger

on the inside. Right now it can only

fly, however I do intend to eventually

imbibe the magic to allow him to

teleport through space and time, but

that is a bit of a ways down the road. I

had Steve turn into the Tardis and

several of us jumped in, Nisha however

refused and decided to ride her horse

there. Once we arrived at the location

of the wave door we found an injured

woman there. She was healed and then

cast a spell on Cinder. It made him feel

much more powerful. She told us that she

wasn’t able to do that to anyone else as

she didn’t have spells prepared. We

could tell that this was a lie. I tried

to make her tell the truth, but the next

thing I know I am hit by a spell from

Cinder and then notice that the woman

has transformed into a massive Naga. She

lunges at me and everything goes dark. I

come to sometime later and see that

Nisha has cast a healing spell on me

from a scroll. I see the Naga attack her

and she falls, near death. Cinder

attempts to attack us again, but misses.

The naga then lunges at me once more and

everything turns black again. I awake

suddenly to Rashaan healing me from a

wand. As I look up I see Harley singing

and the wave door glowing. shadow beasts

start to appear and 1 is blast by

Rashaan before Harley is able to cast

daylight. More beasts try to appear,

however, they are all killed by the

light. Harley finishes singing and the

wave door vanishes. Water rushes over us

and we feel fully healed. I look over at

Zarias and see that he is still very

angry. Smoke and fire are still visible

coming from him. I walk up and surround

us in a healing light, letting him know

that I love him and it is ok. I lean in

and kiss him and the fire instantly goes

out. Behind where the wave door had been

we find a chest. It isn’t trapped so we

are able to open it. Inside are many

things, among them false identifications

and magical items. We take all of this

and head back to base. We discuss what

we found out with the head. It asks for

a body and offers to help us out in the

lodge if we are able to provide it with

one. I happen to have one from a

purchase that I made shortly after

joining the rebellion. Cinder and Lilith

obtain the blood of virgins as that is

needed with the body to bring the head

back to full like. We give her the

needed items and she starts the ritual.

The Wave Door

We spoke to the head. Rin cast a Sew Thoughts spell on it. He planted the thought that she wanted to help with us.
She said if we tried to get in, then we would die. There’s something on the outside. But if we can get her inside, she can help us.
I carefully investigated the letter, looking for clues about the cipher. Every twelfth line has an extra syllable.
When I wrote down the extra syllables, it turned out to be a shorter, much more pretty poem called The Wave Door.
I can puzzle out that in a very elegant, roundabout way, that there is a beautiful door in a cove that opens if the right verse stated. Lilith had heard of this door and the location on her way to the Mayor’s place.
Behind the Wave Door is where the Pathfinders stashed a lot of good stuff.
Lilith asked the head what it can do for us if we take her along.
“I can get you past all the traps. I can tell you when you what phrases to say, what spells to prepare. I can even possibly talk to the denizens to get you past.”
We decided to travel to The Wave Door.
Before we went, however, we took care of some business.
Rin and Cinder went to the wand shop and spoke to the wand vendor. They bought a wand of Spectral Hands.
Nisha investigated into the whereabouts of Cinder’s girlfriend. She discovered that Cinder’s girlfriend had been killed by the mayor, who had blamed her for the escape of the pit fiend.
She came back to base, looking shaken. “Cinder, we need to go talk in private.”
“If it involves him, it involves the rest of the group,” said Rin.
“No it doesn’t! Cinder, do you want to talk in private? " asked Nisha.
“They’ll find out eventually,” said Cinder.
“Your girlfriend was killed. The mayor blamed her for the escape of the pit fiend.”
“She knew the risks,” said Cinder. He stood up and stormed off, taking wine along with him and beginning to down it.
During the month of preparation, people spoke with me about my new, darker appearance. Cinder poked at my horns and said that he wanted pointy horns like that. I was sensitive about my appearance and glared at him, then stormed off.
Nisha sat down with me and asked if I was ok. I said, "Frankly, no I’m not. Whatever this “blessing” is that we were given, it feels more like a curse."
“I will pray for your soul.”
Rin met with me and said that I had overcome hard things like this before, and I could overcome this too. I was better than this. He then played music and we danced.
End flashback

When we got to the beach in front of the Wave Door, a woman was laying on the ground, injured and crying.
We began to question her. She said that she had been attacked, and that some beast was going to come back and attack again. “I’ve been here since this morning,” she said. This didn’t add up, however, since Nisha noticed that she ought to have all sorts sunburns.
“Stop lying, you fucking bitch,” said Rin.
I heard the woman whisper “Kill him,” to Cinder. I got on my guard.
Her eyes began to glow and mist began to escape from her.
Having seen this, I realise something is seriously wrong. I run forward and smoke punch Cinder, trying to make him nauseated.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. He sent of a blast of fire energy that exploded, catching most of the party in it. Harley and Lilith were able to dodge, but Rin and Nisha took some serious wounds from that spell.
The naga, having finished its transformation from woman, laid into Rin, biting him repeatedly and bringing him to death’s door.
I am pissed, and I shove my tanglefoot bag into Cinder’s face, causing him to start suffocating, then steal his rod that lets him cast spells while silenced, and prepare my defenses to fight against the naga.
Then Reshann shoots the thing repeatedly with his guns, doing a bunch of damage to it.
Cinder started trying to pull the stuff off his face, but the monster told him to let her take care of that.
Harley ran forward, getting snapped at on the way, and ran under it, stabbing it and leaving her anchoring dagger in it.
Harley then began to sing to us, inspiring us.
Then the Nisha bent over, holding her shield up, and pulled the scroll of healing out of Rin’s box, and brought him back up.
The creature suddenly began to blur, then blasted Nisha with powerful rays, knocking her unconscious and nearly killing her. Only her mythic toughness kept her alive.
Cinder stood back up and cast elemental ray at a bunch of us. He failed to hit everyone except Reshan.
The creature, sensing that Rin was alive and undisabled, once again attacked him. Her strikes knocked him out, and now he was constricted.
Lilith walked carefully forward to avoid getting attacked and stabbed the beast repeatedly with her daggers, then had her summoned creature attack it with all its natural weapon.
Enraged, I jump at the beast, wings of fire bursting from my back. I fly into the beast like a truck, slamming my fist into its chest. The beast fell dead to the ground. Standing on its corpse, I scream, the sound unnatural and furious, a demonic roar of anger and agony.
The water to the left of us began to boil, and two shadowy creatures started to form around the wave door.
Reshan moved like a blur, fleet charging behind Rin and activating his crown to blast one of the appearing shadows with his crown, utterly destroying it.
Harley cast daylight, causing the area to be bathed in massive amounts of light. She continued to sing to open the door, and shadowbeasts continued pouring out of the river, but disappeared immediately as they touched the daylight.
Reshan used a wand on Rin. As Harley finishes singing her song, she slipped into a different language that Lilith vaguely recognized by the dialect as a secret druidic tongue. As the door opened, it disappated, water rushing over us. Our wounds healed away as the water flowed around us.
I walked over to check on Rin and Nisha, but didn’t touch them. I was still smoldering with fire and rage. Rin stood and put his hand, glowing with healing energy, on my chest, and said “It’s alright. I love you.” and he kissed me. The flames went out on me, and I leaned into him, wrapping him in a huge hug.
Inside the chamber is a plain wooden box that’s locked. There were no spells on the chest, but we could sense a lot of magic in the chest.
We found a bunch of potions in the chest, false identification packets that declared us as Chelish Nobility, a wooden folio which contained a scroll of clairaudience/clairvoyance, a dispel magic, erase, sunburst, true seeing. It also had a parchment in it. Reshan and I saw a white paper with red letters, the rest of the party saw a red parchment. And a wand case with a wand in it.

The paper has a long message on it:
The aeol – a powerful artifact made of two parts, one light and one dark. The Morrowfall is the light half, the Tomatrix is the dark half. Ilnorik stole the dark half and was being turned into a vampire. The Morrowfall is being kept in the chamber of the Amber Archa. The note was signed by Liriam, who was the master of lore for the Pathfinders. Ilnorik was the main muscle behind slaying the Pathfinders.
Once we’re done, we head back to our base. I tell Janavin and Arael about what happened.
They asked if we felt ready to proceed.

We went and talked to the head. “We have some words we need to talk to you about. Amber Archa? Do you know what that is?” said Lilith.

“Yes, it is the innermost chamber of the Pathfinder Lodge,” it said. “Is that where you need to go?”

“We believe so,” said Lilith.

“Not going to be easy,” said the head. “What’s in it for me?”

“What do you want?” asked Lilith.

“A body would be nice,” said the head.

I could tell that she had sinister intentions. I let the others know that by whispering it through the link to Rin.

Rin sows the thought in her head to encourage her to let us know what her intentions are.

“I’ve performed a transformation on myself to make myself into an erinyes,” said the head. “I want to kill good things. If you let me go, I’ll help you.”

We demand that she leaves Westcrown should we let her go.

“I find these terms agreeable,” she said.

The long month

After we returned back to base with Melek and Nisha alive we found that it had been fully restored and decorated thanks to Melek’s team of workers. It was almost hard to tell that it had been the run down place from before. We were met with the remainder of the resistance congratulating us on the successful mission. The woman from the pathfinder Society was there. We handed over the puzzle and were told that it was going to take some time to figure out how it works. Lilith spent the month working to gain favor with our group and was eventually voted into the group. Zarias and I were able to spend some nice downtime doing normal couple stuff (you know, not killing and running for our lives). I can tell that he has a lot on his mind after what happened in the mansion and the knot. He is starting to let his darker aspects come out. This is something that he has found against and I hate to see it happen. I know that he doesn’t want to lose himself to it.

I also spend this time utilizing the new magic that I have gained to get a better understanding of it and I am able to bottle several of my spells for later use if we ever need them in a pinch.

At the start of the month I find myself waking up holding the large diamond that we found in the mansion even though I didn’t go to sleep holdling it. We do some research on the diamond and find that it is an ancient cursed item that attempts to steal the souls of those that have it. At breakfast shortly after this we find the pathfinder woman attempting to steal the diamond from my bag. This is something that I won’t tollerate. I lash out with an attack that she is able to dodge. She attempts to attack me, however Nisha is able to make her lose the spell that she was trying to cast. There is lots of yelling and I decide the best thing to do may be to knock her out and then scar her as we can no longer trust her. I go to the kitchen and get us both a drink. I have put the Roofies that we found at the Mayor’s party into her drink. When she drinks it however, nothing happens. God dammit this bitch. We agree to give her the diamond in exchange for 75,000 gold and the remains of an airship. She takes the diamond and departs. Once the month ends we receive a letter from her with the 75,000 gold and no airship parts. She informs me that she wasn’t able to get the parts for an airship. That is the final straw. We will now steal the diamond back and kill her if we get the chance. No one is allowed to attempt to steal from us and then double cross us like that.

A month after we return we are told they have figured out how to use the puzzle, but don’t know the entire comination. We will have to do some trial and error to open it. Once the puzzle is started it must be completed by the person who started the puzzle. They will not be able to put it down or stop. It is a 12 sided puzzle. Whoever attempts to solve the puzzle will have to trace the sides of the puzzle in the correct order. Nisha decides that she should be the one to attempt to open the puzzle and we agree. As she starts to trace the firs side of the puzzle she guesses it wrong and it blasted by fire. The puzzle takes several hours to complete with each mistake becoming more and more painfull. Nisha is blasted with fire, eleectricity, cold, she is stabbed, injected with poison, covered in acid and almost killed. Cinder is doing what he can to mitigate the elemental damage and I am healing Nisha when needed. Once the puzzle is unlocked it opens up, flattens, and expands into a platter. On the platter are several wands, scrolls, a notebook, and a severed head. As we look at the head it stars screaming and babbling nonsense.

The Alternate Dimension Behind the Clock

Cinder jumps into the puddle. His skeleton appeared to float to the surface.
“Cinder!” yells Nisha.
Rin informs us that he can still feel Cinder’s connection across planes.
“Well, I’m glad to hear that, as I don’t think he could cast his snowballs looking like that,” said Zarias.
Everyone else began jumping into the pool. Zarias was the last. I stood and contemplated the pool and was able to detect that the spells on the pool felt vaguely like teleportation and illusion magic – the skeletons floating in the pool weren’t real. I hopped in.
When we got to the other side, everyone had made it safely – except Reshan. He was no where to be found and the scar connection from Rin severed suddenly.
Nisha called out his name as she frantically stomped up and down the stairs.
We were in a room with nothing but a spiraling staircase.
2 shadow beings were running up the stairs at us.
Cinder blasts them with a lightning bolt, slaying them both.
Rin reached out with his magical senses, and could detect that something magical was in the air that hadn’t yet been triggered.
He casted Detect Magic and found that there was really strong illusion magic in the air.
“When we move, it’s going to activate and affect us.”
“Then I should go first,” said Nisha.
I held up my hand and ignited it on fire, trying to see if it would give us any extra light. It did not much. There was a muted light in the chamber that seemed to come from everywhere.
Nisha began working her way past everyone on the narrow stairs.
As she takes a step beyond everyone, she saw the stairs behind her just suddenly break. It appeared to her that everyone fell with the stairs and got crushed, with blood spraying everywhere.
We saw her running in place. She suddenly screamed.
Harley nudged past everyone and went up to Nisha, grabbing her arm. Nisha shrugged her off.
More shadows then formed at the bottom of the stairs.
Lilith moved past Harley and Nisha. She did not get affected by the spell.
Cinder turned into a bird and flew in front of anyone else. Nothing happened.
Rin had his imp fly to the bottom of the stairwell and poke the soap that Harley dropped earlier to make sure it was real. “It is, Master.”
“What else is down there?”
“Shadows. A door. Stone,” it responded.
“Guys, there’s a door at the bottom,” Rin told us all.
“I kinda figured,” said Harley.
I leaned over the edge and shot balls of fire from my fists and blasted the shadowy creatures at the bottom. I killed one of them, but the other survived.
Harley tossed her enchanted returning dagger into the other shadow and pinned it to the wall.
Lilith started walking down the stairs and stabbed the shadow on her way down.
After the final shadow died, we all made our way down the stairs and saw the door at the bottom.
Harley opened the door. The room was packed full of the nasty shadow creatures.
Harley tried to shut the door. As she did, a voice called out “Wait! You’re all in an insane asylum. Don’t touch that door again, and we’ll make you feel better.”
“We can see you,” said Cinder.
“No you can’t. You’re not the doctor here.”
“Yes I am!” said both Cinder and Rin.
“Oh, well in that case, I don’t have to take care of them. You can. Good luck!”
The slight blur that we could see in the air started trying to fly away.
Cinder casted Hold Person and the creature fell into his arms, becoming visible.
It was a small imp. “I’m going to unfreeze you now, please don’t fly away.” said Cinder.
“Now will you explain to us?” said Cinder.
“First you must all prove you’re not crazy!” said the imp.
“We’re not crazy! She opened the door!” it said pointing at Lilith.
“She didn’t open the door.”
“Here, have this,” said Rin, offering it a Mountain Dew.
“There are tests for this sort of thing,” it said.
“We’ve taken the test. We’re not crazy,” said Lilith convincingly.
“Oh good, then I’m going to kill the spiders,” It flied away and then a shower of dead spiders and snakes fell from the ceiling.
“I’ll answer 6 questions for you, since you’ve earned it!” she said.
We convinced her that you have to count by 0.5 increments, since she only learned to count yesterday. We also convinced her numbers start at 0.

0 Where’s the key to open the Pathfinder Lodge? “The outcast king holds it.”
0.5 Where is the outcast king located? “It’s out there,” she said, gesturing at the door across the way.
1. Will the shadows hurt us? “It depends on whether or not you want to join them.”
1.5 What is the outcast king? “He is a very juiced up Babazu.” A babazu is a very powerful devil. They have tentacles with eyes, and they have spikes.
2. Are there illusions in this room? “It is all very real.”
2.5 How many rooms are there beyond this one until we get to the outcast king? “About 3.”
3. And are you remembering to use your points? “Of course? I’m not a fool.”
3.5 What is the difference if we don’t want to join these things? “It will hurt either way.”
4. How do you get through here without getting hurt? “Drowned Jabe gave me permission.” I knew that Drowned Jabe is a myth amongst the rich people. The previous mayor had him hung, and when they were going to have a funeral for him, he rose from the dead and started killing everyone.
4.5 Can we get permission from Drowned Jabe to go past with no obstacles, and if so, can you get him? “I can schedule an appointment. It will take 3 weeks.”
“Well three weeks is an hour, and we think he will want to hear our offer. Go get him.”
“I hope he doesn’t kill me, I’ll go get him!” she said. She flew off.
We waited. I shadowboxed. Harley tossed her dagger in the air. Cinder asked his imp about hell. “It’s hot. I don’t like it. I would like to die.”
We then spoke with with Lilith to learn more about her. We learn that she had been in hell, and that she had no longer wanted to be a part of Lucifer’s organization. It turned out that she wanted to rule hell, but couldn’t. Nisha and I became very suspicious of her.
An hour and a half passes.
A dark blast of energy blasts out of Nisha, knocking me back a bit and knocking Nisha to the ground. A bone devil appeared in the room.
“Nisha Meldrek, the runes have deemed you doomed!” He pulled out a scythe and started attacking her.
Nisha managed to climb to her feet and tried to channel. She did a little damage.
The creature tried to summon a wall of ice, but I sent fire rushing along the wall and caused it to all melt as it appeared.
Lilith moved forward and cast a spell to make its attacks weaker.
Rin cackled to maintain his hexes. Then he casts a hex on the beast that makes it weaker.
I tried to punch the thing with fire attack, but it turns out, it is entirely fire immune. I switched to trying to hit it with smoke strikes and manage to do some damage to it.
Nisha prayed to her god Irori, an epic and amazing plea. Light surrounds her and she has Sanctuary cast on her.
Having learned from my mistakes, I attacked it with only smoke strikes on my next round. I dealt a ton of damage to it.
Cinder cast an electric blast into it and slew it.
I walk up and hug Nisha and tell her “I’m glad you are still here.” I hold the hug until it’s awkward.
We then discuss our next plan of action. Cinder blasts the room with bolt of lightning, clearing an area for Nisha. She rushes in and channels a blast of energy. All of the shadows shriek and then disappear.
Harley went over to the door across the room and opens it. The door is barred and a fiery version of the imp we saw earlier says “It was a mistake!”
“He killed me! Run!” said the imp.
Suddenly a swarm of shadows poured out of mirrors on either side of the room and swarmed us all, sapping the strength from our bones.
I was struck particularly hard, the agonizing pain unlike anything I’d know before.
Nisha channels, clearing the shadows again.
“You have more questions!” yells the imp.
“Will breaking the mirrors make these things stop?” I yelled.
“What will make them stop?” yelled Nisha.
“Touch the mirrors with a living hand!”
Harley and Lilith touched the mirrors. Shadows poured over them, hurting them, but the shadows stopped.
“You still have questions!”
“Where are the papers describing how to get through the traps in the Pathfinder Lodge?”
“The king holds a puzzle cube, some brave soul will have to test it. You are almost out of questions.”
“No, we’re only at 2 questions. Death must have confused you. “
“Ah yes, death jumbles the brain.” said the imp.
Cinder saw a lever through the bar. He transformed into a creature and went through.
Cinder flew over a pit as a bird, but then turned around and landed.
He landed next to an invisible assassin.
Lilith tried throwing a dagger at the invisible assassin, but messed.
“You need to stop getting in my way,” hissed the assassin.
The assassin attacked and damaged Cinder. She then summoned mirror images, making herself look blurry.
I ran forward and tried to punch the assassin. I ended up punching one of the illusions.

Meanwhile, Reshan woke up in a cell somewhere. He’s got cuts all over himself. Curiously, all his old scars are gone. He drank some potion.

Back in the fight. Nisha ran forward and zigged between everyone, getting in front of the assassin. She attacks, and the assassin attempts to parry, but fails.
Nisha successfully strikes the opponent, and the illusions disappear.
“Just join me,” says the assassin, who’s a tiefling. “Embrace your heritage. He doesn’t look worthy, but you do.”
“Does it look like I’m going to join you?” said Nisha, holding up her shield with the crest of Iomedae.
“Iomedae is a slut.” said the assassin.
Nisha got pissed and grappled the assassin.
Harley ran forward and jumped over the top of the assassin, landing behind her and stabbing her. Her stabs caused the asssasin to be unable to cast spells.
She then stabbed it again.
After that, Lillith jumped over the top of the assassin, scooped up her dagger, and stabbed the assassin in a vital area, dealing a lethal blow.
As the light began fading from her eyes, Zarias leaned in and whispered, “who’s the slut now?”
Nisha said, “I will pray for your soul.”
Rin walked forward and attempted to punch the corpse in the nose, but Nisha stopped her. He was trying to defend my honor.
“Hun, we don’t need to do this. She died already.” I said.
Nisha does a ritual to draw the symbol of Iomedae on her head.
We walked into the next room, except for Nisha. We find Reshan trapped in a cell in that room.
Rin walked back out to loot the assassin’s body, and noticed Nisha licking her fingers.
Harley tried to open the gate and instead got stabbed in the gut.
There was another occupant in the next room. It was a demon.
We discovered that the demon’s name is Salazar.
Salazar tells us that Drowned Jabe is down the water slide.
“Wait, Salazar, is the water slide dangerous?” asked Lillith.
“Oh yes, quite dangerous, do you know where you are?” said Salazar.
Salazar wants us to let him free.
“I found this cute thing. I will give it to you if you let me out.” It’s an intelligent glaive weapon. It’s moving around acting like it’s alive.
“You must never hurt us, and you must help us get out of here, Salazar,” said Cinder.
“I don’t like this business of trusting demons,” I said.
“We’ve trusted lots of demons!” pipes up Cinder.
“I know,” I said coolly. I glared at him.
“So, who’s taking this weapon?” asked Salazar.
“I think I should hold it for safekeeping,” said Nisha.
“It doesn’t like you,” said Salazar.
“I’ll take it,” said Lillith.
The weapon whispered to Salazar. “Yeah, it likes you.” It flies over and nuzzled Lillith.
“By the way, my name’s not Salazar. But keep the weapon,” the demon said.
We attacked him.
Harley stabbed “Salazar” in the back, and slew him.
When she did so, she received an Infernal Wound. Healing potions will automatically fail, and casters who try to heal her will have to pass on a DC 25 to heal her until the curse is removed.
“See, this is why we should not be in the business of trusting devilspawn,” I said.
Nisha walked over holding out her hand. She had a healing spell in it. “It’s good to have you back,” she said.
“Why are people trying to touch me?” said Reshan, getting suspicious.
“I’d appreciate you taking this spell so it doesn’t go to waste.” said Nisha.
“Ok,” said Reshan.
We discovered a book being held in the hand of a skeleton in one of the cages.
Nisha picked it up the book, looked at it reluctantly, and handed it to Rin.
“Why don’t you want the book?” asked Cinder.
“I can’t read,” said Nisha, hanging her head.
Rin offered to teach her to read.
“Let’s move on,” she said, embarrassed.
In the next room, we find the waterslide.
There are chains above the waterslide. We discover that the chains are animated, so they could attack us.
Cinder ordered his imp to go ahead down the waterslide to try and find out what was down the slide. After a moment, we hear a small scream and a splash. The imp would have been dead, but Frank and Harley spent a hero point to save it. Rin spent one more hero point to bring the imp back to us.
The imp comes screaming back. “A water elemental on the slide! A big one! Don’t send me back there.”
“Don’t lie to me,” said Cinder. “I am not. I wouldn’t lie about my own peril,” said the imp.
Nisha walked forward and attempted to grab the chain.
When she tried to grab it, it balled up and looked like it was going to strike Nisha.
I was standing next to her, so I began laying into it with my flaming fists, melting the chains.
Harley then switches past me and attacked the chains, destroying them.
Knowing of the water elemental, Cinder walked forward and shot a bolt of lightning through the water. We can hear a roil of splashing down the water.
Lillith summoned a dolphin and sent it down the waterslide. The second it hit the water, it got fried by electricity and disappeared.
We then see an enormous water elemental boiling its way up the water. It turned into a vortex of boiling water. Nisha and Rin are sucked into the water, and I’m splashed by the water, unable to make any fire type attack against it.
Reshan tried to pull Rin out, but because of how he’s swirling, Reshan missed. I managed to grab ahold of Rin, though, and with Reshan’s help I pulled him out. While it happened, Rin scarred Reshan again.
The lightning still in the water killed the water elemental. It also almost killed Nisha, knocking her out. She began sliding away down the water slide.
Rin used the Bracelet of Friends to teleport Nisha back to the top next to us.
Someone casted Dancing Lights down the waterslide. We could see that it’s a long spiraling slide with corpses floating at the bottom.
Nisha jumped into the water. So did Harley. Nisha nearly spilled out of the spiral, but Cinder, who had transformed into a giant eagle, grabbed her and set her at the bottom.
Cinder began flying the rest of us to the bottom. At the bottom, the room was split in half. On one side, there was a pool of water that was 10 feet deep. In the middle, there was a sturdy ramp for us to stand on. On the far side, there was an extremely deep pool of water. There was a platform on the other side with a gorgeous chest on it. Cinder could tell that there were a lot of traps on the chest.
Nisha looted the body. She found 24 gold and a ring of water breathing.
Nisha and Rin light up the room on the deep side of the room. We can see that there is a gigantic tentacled monstrosity in there.
480 health
Ac 28 Touch 15 flat-footed 26
DR 10/Good and silver and magic
A voice speaks behind Rin’s head. “Don’t fight it!” It’s the imp lady from before.
“You guys lied to me, you guys are insane! No one looks upon the Outcast King that is sane!”
“We didn’t know he was down here.”
“How do we open the chest?”
“No more questions! If you stop asking me questions, I’ll open the chest for you.”
We confer for a few minutes, then we tell her to do it. She flew over and disarmed all of the magical traps.
She begins to fade away. “Thanks for teaching me to count!”
Cinder in bird form picks up Harley and placed her next to the chest. She attempted to disarm the physical traps. She had some difficulty, but managed to successfully unarm them.
Loot inside the chest:
Tons of papers are on the top of the chest.
Under that there are fancy books
Then there’s a box with a depiction of golems on top that are destroying a city wall. The box is locked.
Then there is a brightly glowing liquid in a bottle, and finally there is a puzzlebox.
Harley began loading all the stuff into a handy haversack. When she touches to potion, her eyes glow for a moment and she saw visions of all sorts of heroic acts, and the gods doing heroic things.
As Harley attempted to put the bottle into the bag, it shatters, and the fluid flew out, forcing its way into all of our mouths. It also forced itself into the Outcast King’s mouth. The Outcast King woke up when that happened. He burst up to the surface of the water along with his tentacles.
A tentacle with eyes came out closest to us. Lillith stabbed it with her daggers. Then he when to stab it again using her new mythic abilty.
Lillith then asked the sentient glaive “Will you help us kill this?”
“If you stab it with my pointy end, then I will. Or if it asks nicely enough I may help it kill you.”
“Well, if you don’t help, I’ll throw you into the water and you’ll stay there forever,” said Lillith.
“I’ll try my best,” it responds.
The creature’s tentacles moved forward. Smaller tentacles holding swords moved forward and attacked Harley. One of them hit her, inflicting an Infernal Wound on her.
The two other tentacles grabbed hold of Rin and Cinder.
Unable to get over to Rin, I stepped up next to the tentacle with eyes and attacked it, smashing it in. It falls limp into the water.
Harley attacked the main body.
Cinder blasted one of the tentacles with his elemental ray, using the mythic power within him to bypass the creature’s defenses. Then he hit it with an Ice Spike.
Rin attempted to bestow a curse upon the beast, but the spell glanced off of the creature’s armor.
The main body of the beast moved forward towards us, allowing Harley to take a strike at it, then it attacked both Lillith and Nisha with its tentacles.
The beast took a swing at Reshan, but Nisha jumped in the way. The beast’s strike cut off her head.

Reshan exploded into action, shooting the monster repeatedly, laying into the beast. He then charged over to the tentacle, and blasted it once more with his tentacle.

Enraged by the deaths of my allies, the demon inside me began to scream in rage. My features became warped, my demon horns becoming long and sharp, my eyes glowing a fiery red. Smoke poured out of me in a dark cloud, which I warped around my fists. I slammed into the tentacle, knocking it lifeless, then channeled the smoke into ranged strikes, blasting the main head three times with blasts of smoke that looked like demon heads.

Harley stabbed the beast in the head, slaying it. As soon as she did, a blast of fiery energy exploded forth from the devil. I dodged underneath it, taking no damage, but it knocked the rest to the ground. Rin fell unconscious.

I rushed over and healed Rin with potions. Cinder and I then noticed the following potions in the water:

Cold iron devil’s bane battleaxe.
Wand of Cure Serious Wounds – 33 charges
Cat’s Eye Crown – gem in the center. Wearer gains darkvision. If already has it, wearer gains blindsense. Once per day you can drop the gem and use it as though it had a clairvoiance spell. They can leave the gem there invisible and use it to see things.
Ring of Feather Fall

The room began to shake. Looking around we see an apparition watching us. We go over to talk to it.

“Are you drowned Jabe?” Asked Cinder. “Yes, I am.” “We killed you.” “You killed me?”
“Well, by accident.” “Thank you.”

I asked, “So now that you’re dead, do you think you can get us out of here?”

“Yes, I need you to kill me again. Where do you want to go?”

“We want to go back to the mayor’s house.”

“What business do you have with the mayor?”

“We have friends there, we have to go back.”

“Ok, kill me.” Rin casted Cure Serious Wounds on him, and then we were back in front of the clock in the house.

The house also begins to shake. “We need to leave now,” I say.

We began to leave the house, but on the way out we see the stewardess. “Everyone, you need to leave now!” I say.

“Ignore them, we have to brace the door or everyone will die!” she yelled.

Nisha followed after the stewardess into the dining room. “What do you mean, everyone will die?”

“There’s a powerful beast in there that will slay everyone.”

Nisha gave a powerful speech to try and rally the inhabitants of the manor.

The servants all held the doors. The stewardess cast a forcefield against the door.

Rin told us that he could use the bracelet of friendship to teleport Nisha out of there, and that we needed to get the puzzle box back to the base.

With that understanding, we all took off.

<you’re> said Melek through the scar to Rin. <she>

said Rin.

We all ran out of the palace, and Rin had Steve turn into his car form. We all piled in and began driving away.

<nisha,> said Rin.

<keep> said Nisha. She then ignored any further communication.

“Why is Nisha not with us yet? Why haven’t you teleported her?” I asked.

Rin just kept driving, looking pissed.

I jumped out of the car. I began to run back towards the building. Rin puts the car in front of me, and I began trying to dodge around.

“Get back in the car!” said Rin.

“I can’t just leave her!” I responded.

“She wanted me to keep you all safe!” Rin yelled. I continued trying to dodge around the car.

And then, Rin felt his connection to Nisha through the scar disappear.

Leaving the Party

This song is perfect for the recap.

The beast was getting weaker, but it managed to make another strike. This time at Rashaan. Nisha jumped into the path of the attack and was instantly cut down, her head removed. Rashaan used this opportunity to make an attack. He shot the monster repeatedly and then made a dodge towards the tentacle and shot it. While shooting the tentacle the monster was able to grab him and move him towards its mouth. Zarias became enraged at the fall of 2 of our companions. A darkness enveloped him and smoke started to fill the air. He used this smoke and shot it with his fists towards the beasts tentacle. The tentacle fell lifeless and Rashaan fell. Harley made another attack at the beast, stabbing it in the head killing it. As soon as she did this a fiery blast erupted throughout the room and I fell unconscious. I woke to Zarias providing me with a health potion. I then healed the remaining of us. The water had vanished with the creature and at the bottom of the empty pool they had found several items that we took. Two of the items I took. There was a wand of Cure Serious Wounds and a Cat’s Eye Crown. This is a fantastic piece of work. The crown gives the wearer dark vision. It also has another unique ability. It will allow me to remove the gem and place it down and be used as if I had the clairvoyance ability. It will be invisible wherever I place it and let me look through it.

The room starts shaking and it appears as if before long that the whole area that we are in will fall. We start to look for a way out and notice an apparition in the corner of the room. We walk over to it and discover that it is Drowned Jabe. He thanks us for killing him as it has freed him from the service of the mayor that he was forced into. We ask him if he can get us out of here. He lets us know that if we kill his spirit he will be able to transport us out. He asks where we want to go and when we tell him the mayors house he advises us to not be in the dining room as the beast in the mayor’s mansion will now be able to escape. I cast healing magic on him and he dies. We are suddenly back in the mayor’s mansion in the clock room. Nisha and Lilith are with us as well and restored back to full health.

The house starts to shake and Zarias yells that we need to leave now. We run towards the front of the house and hear the 2 giant doors in the dining room shake violently. The stewardess runs past us and yells at all of the staff that they need to help keep the door closed or everyone will die. I yell that everyone needs to get out, but most follow the word of the stewardess and keep help keep the doors closed. I am able to convince the honey man that he needs to come with us. The stewardess casts a giant forcefield spell on the door as it continues to shake. Nisha decides that she is going to help stay and do what she can to keep the beast back. We try and convince her to come with us. We can’t stay and fight this. We need to get the items that we recovered back to the rebellion. It is what we came here for and if we die now, so will the resistance. With Nisha deciding to stay the rest of our group starts to have second thoughts about leaving. I tell them that I will be able to get her out with the bracelet, but that we need to leave now.

We all run outside and Steve turns into a car that can carry everyone. In my head I hear Melek speaking to me.

You are lying to them them he says.
I will be able to convince her I insist.

I have Lilith take the wheel. As we are driving down the road I attempt to convince Nisha that she needs to come with us.

Rin – Nisha, you have to let me get you out of there. We need you. You are what helps keep us together and from doing things that are far too extreme.

Nisha – I must stay. I have to help fight or so many people will die. You need to keep them safe and help keep them in line. They listen to you and will follow you.

I ask if there is any way that I can convince her that she needs to come with us, but she insists that there is not. I take over driving from Lilith and fume silently, knowing that Nisha is most likely going to her death and there is nothing that I can do to stop her.

Everyone in the car starts to wonder why Nisha hasn’t joined us yet. Zarias asks “Why is Nish not with us yet? Why haven’t you teleported her?” I continue driving and don’t respond. Zarias jumps out of the car and starts to run back towards the mansion. I flip the car around and yell at him to get back into the car. He attempts to doge and yell that we can’t just leave her there. I let him know that she wanted me to keep them all safe and that she refused to leave. I then feel my connection to her go dead. I let everyone know this and fear the worst. Nisha is most likely dead.

The Mayor's Party Begins (Zarias PoV)

The mayor – Abarian Arvanzi. Very corrupt. Very ugly. Also very lustful.
Stewardess – Crosail Razdoven. Very uptight. Knows everything about the house and all the people.
General Vorn – Very honorable. Head of the West crown fleet. He’s supposed to be super tight ass, has no sense of humor. He and the mayor don’t get along at all. He fought to help Asmodeus become leader.
Ertin Oberago – He’s higher up in the Oberago family. Expected to be crime boss.
Saskar Tolernos – raging alcoholic. People invite her to make fun of her when she gets really drunk. She’s old and tries to look younger than she’s supposed to.
Chamedy Drovenge -

We left on a carriage to go to the mayor’s house. The carriage includes umbrellas. It is raining really hard outside, but the second we pull into the mayor’s gorgeous courtyard, the rain stops.
It turns out there’s a tarp over the coutyard, but it’s disguised with an illusion.

The driver opens the door for us. A guy in a butler suit is standing at the entrance. He has on a cloth skull mask. He’s standing in a proper pose.

Reshan asked the guy if he could have his mask. He ignored him and opened the door. He announced Reshan name.
The mayor stands in the far back. All of the servants are dressed in full skeleton suits.
The Queen of Bones we met before is here.
As Reshan walks in, the butler touches him and his costume disappear.
“Your bachelor’s snuff, sir. Please be responsible and enjoy yourself.” said the butler.
Harley enters next. “Harley Ilsandric, playing the role of Ilsandra.” says the butler, gently touching her on the shoulder.
“Who’s your plus one?” asked the butler. “Amaya.” He announced her.
“The mayor goes up to Harley. “Such a pleasure to meet you. The lust that rolled off your lips was inspiring.”
“And the star of the show, Cinder Buloc!” As cinder walks in, he’s given his gentleman’s snuff the mayor walks up to him with tears in his eyes. “Such an honor, it’s great to meet you. No offense to the rest of you, but Cinder was my favorite. Pure genius. Did you know your father is going to be in attendance?”
“Oh, yes, I did,” said Cinder, lying.
“Oh good, I hear it’s going to be quite the reunion.”
I go in next, and intentionally trip a little bit on my way in. The mayor laughs uproariously. When my character’s costume is dispelled, there’s a small “ooh” when people realize I don’t look ridiculous. “So glad to meet you. You played the most ridiculous Tybain. I’m sure that Aroden is turning in his grave.”
I laugh fakely.
Rin went next. He receives the next biggest cheer in the crowd.
The butler laughs when he sees Melek. “you must be joking Melek, I can’t let you in. Go home now.”
“I’m with him,” said Melek.
“Go away,” said the butler.”
“He’s with me, dumbass,” said Rin.
The mayor comes over and told Melek he must go away also. “I don’t allow ugly things in my house.”
Rin dispels his disguise. Smoke is rising around him and the eyes of his demon and his familiar are glowing red.
“He’s coming in.”
Cinder walks up and squeezes the mayor’s arm and winks. “Can you please let him in? For me?”
“Fine, because Cinder asked.”
Rin, Larko and I are given gentleman’s snuff. Melek is not. Rin insists on Melek getting gentleman’s snuff.
The mayor has us follow him. “We’ll be going through my garden of earthly pleasures. Please save introductions until we’ve gotten to the main room.”
The upper sky in the garden is actually an illusion that is maintained by the stewardess. It matches day or night but is always cloudless.
Banks are thick with wildflowers. Doors are underneath the bridge. A waterfall runs through the place that comes out of a devil’s mouth to the north.
Reshan slips Rin 5 charges of gunpowder. “You might be able to use these for fun.”
Rin looks up at the place and says, “Hogwarts.”
Once again, the mayor says “I don’t know if you heard me before, but if any of you are capable of magic, this is a house of peace and love, please leave it outside.”
We walk into another room. The walls are decorated with hellish scenes that make it appear as though Westcrown were in hell. There are chandeliers from the ceiling. There’s a grandfather clock that looks like demons eating unicorns. To the north is a large black door that leads downward.
“Please, everyone mingle, and when the first course comes out, we’ll all be seated.” says the mayor.
Aside from the people noted, there are some nobles that we don’t know.
Servants go around and offer people wine. I take a glass to hold.
I follow close to Rin because this whole thing makes me uncomfortable.
Rin goes up to talk to Celine. She is talking to Chamity.
Cinder has a small conversation with his imp. He tries to get the imp to drink the wine. “I’m forbidden sir.”
“How come?”
“It’s dangerous to my kind, it can destroy us to our very core.” Cinder knows that he’s lying.
“Why do you lie, little imp?” asks Cinder.
“It’s in my very nature,” said the imp. “I lied the the man you had me kill. I pretended to be a pet. Then I shoved a dagger down his throat.” Cinder again knows he’s lying. “Again with the lies,” said Cinder.
“If you want me not to lie, master, you can command me to do so.” This is the truth. Cinder commands him to drink the potion.
Rin asked his imp how difficult it will be to kill Reshan for the imp. He demands that the imp never lie to him.
“Very difficult. We’re no match for a great warrior.”
Reshan walks up to the Baroness. She and he have a cordial and flirty conversation.
Harley walks up to the mayor and flirts with him. He’s giggly and loves her.
Rin wants to talk to Celine, but instead walks past the Baroness. “Shit, I thought the gravity felt heavy here tonight. Guess We’re not eating tonight.”
They exchange insults with each other. I push him away from the baroness. They exchange parting insults.
Cinder walks up to the strange nobles who are all standing in a group with each other. They turned out to be vampires. “Can I ask you a question?” asked Cinder.
“Are you wondering who bit your slut of a mother? Because we can’t answer that question.”
“Excuse me, I’m going to go talk to a real vampire,” said Cinder. “Oh, good. Please do,” they tell him. He walks away.
Cinder asked his imp if he knew who those people was. “nasty people. I don’t associate myself with those people. I hate undead.”
“What if I was to become undead? Don’t lie to me.”
“I’d be forced to love you.”
Nisha walks up to the stewardess and starts flirting. Eventually she gets turned down brutally. “did you hear the rumors? Look, I have nothing against your people but I have nothing for them either!”
“I’m sorry, you just looked stressed and I wanted to calm you down,” said Nisha.
The mayor tells the woman to get the stick out of her ass and be nice to the guests.
Reshan goes and flirts with the old lady who looks young. “You’re such a nice looking lady for the age of 20? 18?” he says, brown-nosing.
They flirt and get happy together.
Harley goes and talks to the vampires. “how’s your time at the party been?”
“It just started. It’s bright, and full of color, and we hate it. You know your breed’s blood is delicious. Are you a willing donor?”
“It depends,” said Harley.
“You will improve this party for us greatly.”
Harley asks the people what they’ll give her in return.
‘you can make some demands, we can compromise,” said the vampire.
“I would give it to you in exchange for a favor.” said Harley.
“Within reason.” said the vampire. “we won’t put ourselves at risk.”
“how much?”
“A goblet for each of us.” said the man.
“That’s too much.”
“Half a goblet each. It’s not so much the blood, it’s just knowing that someone from the heavens would give us blood.”
Harley is still hesitant.
“We’re very precise. Unlike that one over there. I hear Celine drank three people dry when she changed.” said the vampire.
Harley instantly shares that information with Rin, who shares it with the rest of us using the scars.
Rin and I walked over to Celine and chat with her and Chamity. Chamity holds out her hand and expects us to kiss it. I reluctantly kiss her hand. Rin makes Steve kiss her hand at first but then reluctantly kisses her hand afterwards. We learn that they hate each other during their conversation. I comment on how lovely the mayor’s house is. Chamity says it’s a dog house. Celine says it’s quite lovely.
The mayor comes over to talk to Celine. “Did Chamity just leave?”
“She was being simply dreadful,” said Celine. “I don’t know why she came to this anyway.”
Cinder walks over and greets Celine. She’s very polite to him.
We chat with the mayor and Celine. They eventually ask me why I’ve been so quiet.
I tell them that these things are really my forte, I’m much better at punching things than I am talking.

Reshan walks over to talk to Nisha and asks how she’s doing.
“I just learned a very important lesson that I shouldn’t believe rumors. I just got turned down very hard on my very best a game.”
“You know, Reshan, I overheard that people that get too drunk get rooms. and they have heated baths.”

Harley goes with the vampires out to the river area. On the way past, she stares hard at Nisha to get her attention. Harley sends a message via Rin to everyone to keep an eye on her.
Amaya is following behind. “Should I stay back, or should I come with?” she asks.
“Oh, she can come with if she wants to donate.” Amaya looks nervous at that.
“No, she’s not donating. I’ll be ok,” Harley says to Amaya.
The vampires jump and glide off the bridge.
Harley jumps off after them. she lands gracefully on her feet.
They go to the door under the bridge. The vampires talk to the servants. “Are you going to stand there, or are you going to get to work??”
The servants scurry away.
They tell her to lean up against the wall. She does.
The first vampire breathes seductively on her neck. She feels giddy.
The vampire bites her. As soon as she’s bit, Rin feels the damage to her and says that we need to get the fuck down there now.
Celine speaks in Rin’s head. “So, what’s happening?” Rin looks taken aback, but says “Our friend is getting eaten by vampire”
“Well, let’s go have a look, shall we?” asked Celine. “Calmly…”
We walk calmly but quickly over to the bridge area. 2 other vampires have bitten Harley in the meantime.
When we get there, Celine yells “Stop!” as another vampire goes for Harley. The vampires freeze in their tracks.
As I jump down, I ignite my fists.
“Woah, it’s ok,” said Celine.
“I told you I’m better at punching.” I say, striding forward.
“Look at them,” she said, patting one’s cheek. “It’s under control.”
A servant comes out and tries throwing dust on me. “Are you ok?” asks the servant.
I let the fire die. “I’m quite alright,” I tell him.
Celine has a conversation with the vampires and convinces them to leave Harley alone.
“I guess the deal is off then,” says the lead vampire with a cool smile.
“I think that’s fair, don’t you?” said Celine pointedly.
“Yeah, that’s fine.” said Harley.
Rin asks Melek if he can heal Harley, but Melek is totally wasted and can’t help.
Celine tries to help heal Harley. When she does, the whole house shakes and gates slam shut. Sirens go off.
“WHO TRIED TO CAST MAGIC?” demanded the mayor.
We learn that wild magic is loose in the house.
The mayor comes over and looks down under the bridge.
“We all need to make out now.” says Celine.
I don’t complain. I just grab Rin and kiss him.
‘Will you all separate your faces for a second? Did any of you see what happened? Who cast magic?”
“We’re kind of busy here,” said Celine, grabbing Harleys boob.
Rin noticed from the spell effect that it unlocked every door within 100 feet.
“Is everyone OK here?” asks the mayor.
“I’m afraid our friend has had a little too much.” I tell the mayor.
“Oh, already?” the mayor laughs. “Can someone carry to her room?”
I tell Celine we owe her a debt. “Thanks for your help with that situation.”
“Well, that spell I tried casting was quite expensive,” said Celine.
“Let us talk with our leaders, and they should be able to reimburse you,” I say.
“Your leaders?” asks Celine.
“Yes, our troupe leaders,” I say.
We all go back to the feast. Most everyone is seated already. Melek is in the corner, wasted out of his mind.
Rin sits next to the stewardess. I sit next to Rin. Harley sits next to me. Cinder sits on the other side of the stewardess.
As we begin to eat, the grandfather clock chimes seven. The servants begin bringing out food.
The mayor stands up after the plates are put in front of us. “we call this one the feast of the giant wolf. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do.”
The platters are lifted away and steaming plates of food are in front of us.
I stealthily hide the food away in my sleeves. Rin feeds the food to his imp and eats doritos instead.
Nisha takes a couple of bites. Cinder does as well. Reshan also had some. The food was drugged.
I commended the Stewardess on a really well done party. She is grateful.
The creepy dude slips a piece of paper into Reshan pocket and communicates with him mentally. He asks if we’re here because of the pit fiend. He says that we should talk with him after. This whole time, they’re smiling at each other.
The mayor asks Nisha if she didn’t like her food, seeing that she hasn’t eaten. He makes Nisha eat more.
The course is over now. “The next course is at 8 o’clock. Please enjoy yourselves.”
We go over to meet with the crime lord.
He sends away all of our plus ones. “What are you all here for really?” asks the crime boss.
“What is it to you?”

Preparing to go to the Mayor's House (Zarias PoV)
A woman approached Harley after the play and asked her if she has any business planned for the near future. “What kind of business?” Harley asked. “I know those posters of you were a joke, but would you ever seriously consider that line of work?” the woman inquired.

Amaya was holding Harley’s hand at this point, but let go. “You can do what you want,” she said hesitantly.
“It’s a no for now, but I’ll approach you in the future if I want to,” said Harley.
“I could make you hundreds or thousands of gold per client if you change your mind,” said the woman, who then walked away.
Harley can tell that Amaya was visibly upset by this and apologized.
Rin and Cinder heard a voice in their heads.
“Turn down this alley, I have a business proposition for you.”
The alley was dark and creepy.
Rin cast his fey lights down the alley so he could see the speaker. A figure in a concealing cloak sat at the end of the alley.
Harley followed them.
“Where are you going?” she asked Rin through the magic of the witch’s scar.
“This person says he has a deal for us,” said Rin.
“And you believe him?” Harley said incredulously.
Harley hears a voice in her own head. “I am indeed a powerful man and dangerous, but not to these two,” the voice told her.
Rin and Cinder walk on into the alley.
“I lied just a little bit. I am not a man,” said the hooded figure.
He raised his head. He had slits where a nose should be, red eyes, and pale skin.
“Voldemort?” asked Rin.
“What is this name you call me? I have no name, for names are a weakness,” the creature responded.
“I have been watching you both for a long while, and I am impressed,” said the fiend in the hood.
“That’s a bit pervy,” said Rin.
“I am a contract devil. I give my clients the opportunity to bind demons,” said the pale figure.
“I am offering you both the service of either an imp or a lemure if you agree to meet me in two week’s time. Should you fail to meet me, however, I will need collateral.”
“What would you want?” Rin asked.
“How about the bond of your familiar?” the devilish thing responded, a grin splitting its face. All you have to do is meet me here in two weeks time, and the demons are yours.”
He flicks his wrist and a contract appeared out of nowhere. Cinder and Rin read through it. As far as they can tell the contract was very straightforward, outlining exactly the terms as the devil described.
“What if there’s no way we can make it?” Cinder asked.
“Tell you what.” The devil flicked his wrist again and a rock appeared. “You can communicate with me through this. Just make sure you talk with me in two weeks.”
“Let’s do it,” said Rin.
Cinder signed the contract first. Rin watched carefully as he did to find out what would happen.
Amaya and Harley went on a date.
Amaya invited Harley back to her place after the date.
Amaya seduced Harley and they copulate.
Cinder walked his date home after the play
“So I hear you guys have some kind of hideout?” Cinder’s girlfriend asked.
“Oh yeah, would you like to see it?” he asked.
They went to the hideout.
Cinder tried flirting with his girlfriend and putting on the moves, but she tells him she’s a “traditional” kind of girl, and he should ask again after we go to the mayor’s house.
Instead he lets her sleep in a separate bed which Arael kindly supplies for her.
Nisha crafts a Concealed Pocket and gave it to Reshan.
Melek kindly offered to decorate our base and make it look nicer.
“This place could definitely use some sprucing up, the Bastards of Erebus weren’t known for their interior decorating,” I said. (11:12)
“Alright, I’ll get this place looking good. Also, I had a thought. Y’all don’t have an address and I feel like you should. So what if I was to buy a house in town, and put a dimension portal here, so if someone knocked on the door we could just hop through the portal and act like it was our own little house?” asked Melek.
“That’d be amazing,” I said, impressed with his skills.
“I love it,” exclaimed Rin.
“Do you need some expenses? I’m sure Arael will cover those,” said Cinder.
“Don’t worry about it. I’m real grateful. I haven’t really had friends before, and you all have been real nice,” said Melek.
Ermola walks in behind us.
“Why did we bring a freak back?” she asked.
The party is instantly outraged. Rin in particular gets pissed off. He moves menacingly towards Ermola.
Nisha instantly steps between the two of them, raising her hands to hold them back.
Since Nisha got in the way, Rin glared at Ermola and she bursted into flame.
Ermola started trying to bat out the flames, and shouts “What the hell, Rin?”
She obviously was not yet aware of Rin’s murderous intentions.
Nisha barreled into Ermola and knocked her to the ground, smothering the flames.
“Everyone needs to calm down!” She shouted.
Reshan grabs Melek and moved him off to the side out of the way.
Melek says, “I’ve been called worse than that before, you really don’t have to light her on fire.”
“You don’t deserve to be treated unkindly, you’re amazing,” said Harley.
“I mean, she was being kind of a bitch, but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be lit on fire,” Melek replied.
“Bitches deserve to be lit on fire,” said Harley.
“Y’all are kind of vengeful, aren’t you?” Melek commented. (17:02)
Rin tries to hit Ermola with a snowball spell even though Nisha was on top of her.
Nisha used her own body to shield Ermola from Rin’s attack.
The ice pierces through Nisha’s back and out her shoulder.
“Get off of her Nisha!” called Rin angrily.
“You need to settle down Rin,” Nisha snarled back at him.
Cinder started laughing and says “Just calm down, nobody needs to die. We don’t insult our own people, she learned her lesson. “
“I won’t insult him again, geez,” says Ermola.
“This is Melek, he’s the newest member of Liberty’s Blade, and he’s very very important, ok,” Cinder told everyone.
“I didn’t understand he was something important, ok?” said Ermola.
I step in front of Rin and say “Hun…Calm down…”
“FORGET BEING MAD AT YOU!” Rin bellowed at Reshan.
Harley pulled out two daggers and held them out. She screeched “Stop!”
Arael ran into the room next and bellows “WHAT IS HAPPENING??” He made his way over to where Nisha was still on all fours shielding Ermola with her body, blood dripping from the point where the icicle had pierced her back.
Arael reached down and channeled healing magics into both women.
“Ok, so Ermola insulted Melek, then Rin attacked Ermola. You’re caught up,” said Cinder with a smirk.
Arael scowled. “We do not attack our own, we do not insult our own,” he growled. “Do I need to hire a babysitter?”
“No, but you can fire the bitch,” said Rin.
“I’m not firing Ermola over a slip of the tongue, just like you and Reshan are feuding,” said Arael.
“Oh he’s still on my list,” said Rin.
The rest of Liberty’s Blade came into the room to see what was happening.
“I don’t consider myself your employer, but we are organized here as a group, and we need to work as a team. Is anyone else going to try and kill anyone else?” Arael said, glaring around the room.
“If anyone of you tries to kill anyone else, you will either be trying to kill me or I will kill you,’ Arael continued. “I protect each and everyone of you just as I expect you to protect each other. I won’t accept this. I expect you all to figure it out and get along.”
“Then I may be leaving very soon,” said Rin.
“If you must. But I hope you could get over it. You’re a grown talented man. Ermola, go take a walk,” said Arael.
Nisha helped Ermola to her feet.
“For me being the one that’s bad with social situations, you have been causing a lot more problems lately,” I told Rin. “You need to work on your anger issues.”
“I don’t have anger issues,” he told me. “I am calm!”
Cinder walked over to us. “I can also act as a therapist if you need. I’m a good actor, I can act like a therapist.”
Ermola, now on her feet, walked out of the base like Arael told her. Arael turned around and stormed out in the other direction.
Janiven walked up behind Rin and put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. I once put an arrow in Larko’s back over a disagreement,” she said.
“You’re my new favorite person,” Rin replied.
Rin activated an illusion spell he had inscribed into his staff. Suddenly, multiple Rins were standing in the room. They all charged at Ermola.
The actual Rin reached out and touched Ermola, attempting to scar her, but she was able to shrug off his magics. “What are you doing?” She demanded.
He attempted to punch her but she blocked it with a disgusted look, slapping his hand away.
“If you don’t stop now, you will sleep on the couch for the next year,” I told him angrily.
“Sleep on it Rin,” barked Ermola. “If we have to, we can fight to the death.”
“Good, I’ll kill you,” Rin said coolly. She walked away.
“Rin, it was merely an insult. You don’t think this is a little bit of an overreaction to try and kill someone over words? Over someone she didn’t know?” Nisha asked.
“No,” said Rin petulantly.
“This is someone who followed a dark path for a long time. She is trying to become someone new. She has joined a good side, and all you can show her of this good side is trying to kill her over a few petty words?” Nisha demanded.
“Yup,” said Rin stubbornly, folding his arms.
Nisha stormed off in disgust.
Meanwhile, Melek finished making himself a sandwich in the kitchen.
I gave Rin a disgusted look. “This is not the Rin I remember,” I said.
“This is a culmination of the way she’s treated you and Nisha and others for months. This isn’t just because of this,” said Rin.
I walked away.
Nisha had wandered into the training room and was hacking up a training dummy to let out some of her frustration.
Harley apologized to Amaya for all the drama. “You’re fine, it’s not your fault. Drama is expected. After all, Janiven shot Larko in the back once,” said Amaya.
Harley went after Ermola to apologize for what Rin did.
“It’s alright. I’ve just got to watch what I say,” said Ermola.
“You didn’t deserve any of that. We all accidentally insult people,” said Harley.
“No, I did. I did. I used to run with a group where you’d get criticized for accepting someone like that and I’ve just got to get used to the change,” said Ermola.
“Just so you know, I will never hurt you unless you hurt someone else in our group,” said Harley.
“Just see if you can get Rin to calm down. I’m going to let him cool off. He’d make a good orc,” said Ermola.
Later, Amaya and Harley went on a date, and Rin and Zarias went to dinner to discuss the issues of the day.
“I can’t believe you did that this afternoon,” I said to Rin. “and I can’t believe you made a contract with a demon.”
“She deserved it,” said Rin. “and I only took the contract to try and gather information. He said they’d been watching us for quite some time and the only reason I did it was so that I could find out more about them.”
“Just because someone acts like a bitch doesn’t mean that you can attack them. She was being racist against me and I haven’t punched her in the face,” I said.
“All the more reason for me to take the matter into my own hands and take action. I wasn’t going to let her treat you, or Melek, or Nisha that way. Even though Nisha got in my way today,” Rin stated.
I told Rin he’s sleeping on the couch. He went and laid in the bed anyway. I tried pushing him out. He kept getting back in. I paused for a minute, then laid down next to him and heat up my body so warm that it would be extremely uncomfortable to sleep next to me. He throws water in my face.
“GET OUT! GET OUT NOW!” I yelled.
Rin expanded Steve into camper mode and slept in there.
In the morning, Harley came back to the base after sleeping with Amaya.
Rin and I talked out our issues in the morning, and resolved the issues.
Cinder discovered that his girlfriend had taken off during the night.
After we’re done, Rin walked over to Reshan and asked if he was ready to put the scar back on. Reshan denied him.
“Ok,” said Rin. “That was your one chance. And people say I’m not reasonable.”
Nisha came out in the morning with an item in hand. “I made this.”
“Wow, what is it?” I asked.
“It’s a magic pocket. We can attach it to our clothes and store things in it, and they can’t be detected,” she said.
“That’s impressive,” I responded.
“I thought it would be handy if we’re going to be stealing things this week,” said Nisha.
“Well, while we’re doing show and tell,” I say, pulling out my temple swords, “I improved these. One of the blades is now silver and the other is cold iron.”
“That’s amazing. Did you do the improvements yourself, or did you have someone do it for you?” asked Nisha.
“I did it myself,” I responded.
“I got lucky last night!” said Harley.
Cinder gave her a hard time “Suurrre you did…” he said.
Zarias, looking very awkward, said to Harley “good for you….I gotta go,” and he walked away.
Cinder spoke to Arael. “Did you see my girlfriend leave?” he asked. “Yes, I saw her leave a few hours ago.” “She didn’t have a bag of stolen goods with her, did she?” asked Cinder. Arael told him no.
Reshan went to talk to Tarvi to see if he can get her to come back to our organization.
“Hello. How are doing after Zarias yelled at you?” asked Reshan.
“Better. I feel kind of bad,” she said.
“I’m sorry about that,” said Reshan. “I wish your dad would join our organization. It seems like he would be a big help.”
“Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen after what happened with my mom. She was killed by shadowbeasts,” she told him.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” he said. “Listen, would you be able to come back to base and help Nisha make an item for me?” he asked.
“Is that the thing from last night?” asked Tarvi. “Yes, it is,” responded Reshan. “Yeah, I can help with that,” Tarvi told him. “Thanks, you’re the best,” said Reshan.
Tarvi sought out Zarias when she got back to the base. “I’m sorry Zarias,” she said.
“I appreciate that,” I told her.
“I see why you’re good to have on our team because you’re really scary when you’re mad. You must be terrifying when you’re on fire,” said Tarvi.
“I just hope that we can work together and respect each other from this point forward,”

The after play events (The Rin Files)

8:16 PM

Ok, this is going to be a very short entry. Right now I am sooo angry. I will get to why in just a moment. We left the play and Cinder and I were summoned by a mysterious entity. He told us that he has been watching us and seems to know everything about us. He gave us 2 demons in exchange for us to meet him again in 2 weeks.

We arrive back at base with Melek in tow. Ermola decides to say “who brought the freak”. I lost it. I am not going to put up with the racist bitch, especially to someone as nice as Melek. I look at her and light her on fire and then go to shoot her with an ice bolt. Nisha, the dumb fuck that she is gets in the way and gets hit with the ice shard. We get interrupted by our “lord and savior” Ariel who makes us stop. First chance I get this will continue until Ermola is gone. That is all that I can write for now. I have already lit several papers on fire in my anger and if I go further this log may burn as well…

The Play Ends, from Zarias's PoV (Bullet Points)
  • During intermission, Rin and Reshan approach Thessing and say that they can give Thessing back his career for 50k gold.
  • Thessing claims that he has better contacts who can do it for cheaper.
  • “It would be in your best interests to do it through us,” said Rin.
  • Thessing gets pissed off.
  • “I will make sure you all die for this!” he yells.
  • “I will do it for 20k, final offer,” responds Rin.
  • “Use that money to hire yourself protection,” spat Thessing.
  • Act 4 begins.
  • We have to go through a big, animated metal snake with acid in its belly.
  • After we say our initial lines, the mechanical snake moves forward and swallows us all, goes vertical, then unanimates
  • Sharp blades jut vertically out of the walls. They’re intended to be used as handholds.
  • There is thick glass so the audience can see what’s happening inside the belly of the metal snake.
  • The fumes coming from the acid are really strong. Reshan is overcome by the smell and barfs.
  • Harley stands in the acid, totally unaffected, and tries to throw a rope up thru the snake’s mouth to hook it onto a tooth at the top.
  • Unfortunately she misses.
  • Nisha tries to grab one of the blades, thinking that her heavy plate armor would protect her
  • Instead they pass right through her gloves and cause lots of pain in her hand.
  • I light myself on fire, making it look like holy light.
  • The fumes react to the flames and explode. I look around startled. The crowd gets a huge laugh out of it. “Tybain’s an idiot!” someone yells.
  • My companions are damaged to varying degrees, most not taking a lot of damage, but Rin was scorched.
  • We notice that the fumes are now gone. I ignite myself again and punch the glass with my fist. It cracks.
  • I then hit it again with my temple sword, which I had bathed in holy-looking flame.
  • I smash through the glass, shattering it.
  • We all tumble out of the snake. The audience cheers excitedly.
  • Harley is covered in acid but her skin is flawless.
  • She flips her hair seductively and the crowd loved it, going crazy.
  • End of act 4
  • Backstage I apologize for causing the explosion.
  • Everyone heals up.
  • Act 5 begins
  • We have to swallow eggs. The eggs have a poison that makes us barf on them.
  • Cinder tries to make Rin and I look like we swallowed the eggs with illusion, but some people see through it.
  • I act like I was just being nervous and put the egg in my mouth.
  • Rin tries to fake it again but didn’t do a great job. The audience still sees the egg go into his pocket.
  • We all begin to vomit.
  • Nisha and Rin don’t actually barf, but Rin makes a big show of making barfing motions to cover up for his previous failure.
  • Illusion barf comes out of both of their mouths.
  • Harley, Reshaan and I actually get sick and barf a lot.
  • (Enemy) Lemures rise from the muk, including the illusory stuff.
  • One of our characters has in-depth knowledge about these beings.
  • They are lesser demons who have DR against everything but good and silver damage.
  • When they die, they try to merge with their murderer’s soul and deal half their maximum health as damage.
  • Rin uses a spell to hurt one while on the ground. He then crawls backwards to get away from them.
  • Cinder subtly casts a thundercloud that summons lightning. He times the cloud’s strikes so that they will coincide with Nisha’s strikes.
  • Rin pretends to be the one who summoned the clouds in his role as Dentris.
  • The monsters all try to attack us.
  • Nisha responds by killing one of them.
  • Nisha raises her sword and with Melek’s help, it crackles with lightining as she strikes. Lighting from the cloud strikes at the same time.
  • When the Lemure dies, its soul tries to attack Cinder.
  • Melek disguises it using his illusion magic so that it is invisible.
  • The audience is pleased with Drovalid’s strike assisted by Dentris’s magic.
  • Harley draws her blade, and, still not feeling well, barfs some more.
  • I draw my temple sword and wipe my mouth. “You foul beings,” I say.
  • Rin stands up with a cry of “Ha ha!” to refresh his hexes and then heals Cinder with a hex.
  • Reshan shoots one of the slimy demons with his gun. The bullets stick into the demon.
  • Reshan quick reloads, then shoots the demon again. His bullets exude colored powder along with the bullets.
  • The audience was thrilled about the use of rare and powerful guns.
  • Cinder moves his Thundercloud over another of the demons so it gets struck by lightning.
  • The beast is fried. Once again, Melek uses his magic to disguise it as it flies at Cinder.
  • Larazod yells “I am innocent Handerthaan! When will you admit?”
  • Cinder, playing Handerthaan, yells back “I will stop when you are dead!”
  • Cinder makes his cloud attack twice as large.
  • Rin, playing Dentris pretends to be responsible for the magic, spreading his arms wide.
  • “What is this trickery, Dentris?” yells Handerthaan.
  • One of the lemures attacks me. I take the blow.
  • Larazod, I’ll take care of your woman!" yells Drovalid. He runs over and smacks one of the demons with her great axe, cleaving it in two.
  • A bright light pours out of it and into Nisha, rending at her soul.
  • Feeling this pain, Drovalid gasps, “For Larazod!”
  • Larazod says, “I am forever in your debt, Drovalid.”
  • Ilsandra goes behind the last Lemure and sneak attacks it.
  • she stabs through the slimy substance of the demon and slices off its head.
  • I raise my sword high, roar as though I was about to attack that same demon, then say “Oh,” as though just realizing the demon was dead, and lower my blade.
  • End of Act 6.
  • Act 7 starts immediately, with no breaks.
  • Towards the beginning of this act, Cinder is told that we’ll need him on the ground floor, and Melek casts an illusion of Handerthaan still being there.
  • A trap door on the other end of the stage opens.
  • After we say some lines of fond friendship, two gigantic skeletal minotaurs come out on stage.
  • My knowledge of religion informs us about these beasts.
  • They resist all physical damage except bludgeoning.
  • They have all the power and abilities of a normal minotaur.
  • Reshan tosses a bag of gunpowder at their feat, then casts burning hands, blasting them with a cone of fire.
  • They are scorched by the fire, then a second later a huge blue-flamed explosion blasts them from the gunpowder.
  • Reshan quick reloads his gun.
  • Harley runs and hides behind Reshan.
  • “Protect me, my love,” she says.
  • “I will save you,” says Reshan, playing Larazod.
  • Dentris comments as an aside to the audience “The monsters may be ugly but those bouncing bosoms sure are nice.” He laughs along with the audience.
  • I raise my sword and glow with the “light” of Aroden (which is really fire. Melek’s illusion magic helps make it look more realistic).
  • “Be cleansed by Aroden’s might!” I yell.
  • I blast them, shooting out fiery rays in quick succession, one from my sword, another from the palm of my hand, then the last from my sword again, into one of the beasts.
  • Melek’s magic makes them look like holy blasts.
  • The minotaurs charge Larazod.
  • Drovalid, played by Nisha, gets in the way of one of the charging beasts, shouting “Larazod!”
  • Nisha is gored by the beast, sent sprawling and knocked unconscious.
  • Cinder, who is invisible, attacks the minotaur with his scorching ray attack.
  • Dentris is making it look like he casts the scorching ray.
  • The minotaur is hit by the blast of fire and bursts into a cloud of ash.
  • Nisha stabilizes, still on the ground and groaning.
  • We hear a loud rumbling noise, and a legion of shadow demons runs across the stage, screaming and yelling and trying to rend everyone they pass.
  • They slice through our party. I do manage to dodge the worst of the damage.
  • Nisha gets hurt so badly that a symbol of Iomedae on her shield melts and saves her life.
  • Reshaan is knocked unconscious.
  • Harley as Ilsandra puts a potion into her own mouth then feeds it to Larazod momma-bird style.
  • The claws of the remaining minotaur whisk over her head, just missing her.
  • Reshan is brought back to consciousness by the potion, but feigns still being unconscious.
  • Rin reaches over to the invisible Cinder, who is standing next to him, and heals him. He then cackles to refresh his hex.
  • “Larazod must live!” I yell.
  • I blast the minotaur with two more ranged elemental strikes.
  • The minotaur moves over to Harley and I and swipes at us, nearly killing us both.
  • The only ones still standing are Rin and Cinder.
  • Cinder uses double fire rays to blast the remaining minotaur, frying it and turning it to ash.
  • As far as the crowd knows, Dentris cast the spell. He winks at the crowd before “casting,” and Melek makes it look as though giant fire skulls came out of his staff, engulfing the minotaur.
  • The crowd cheers Dentris’s name.
  • Larazod says, “Tybain, my loyal friend, you cannot die yet,” and gives me a potion.
  • Dentris walks over to me and helps me to my feet, healing me with a Cure Moderate Wounds spell.
  • Ilsandra has an intentional wardrobe malfunction, allowing her boob to slip out.
  • The crowd likes it.
  • After a few more recited lines, the play ends.
  • Thessing drags Cinder through a trap door as part of the play.
  • The crowd goes wild, yelling and screaming. They throw gems and gold and bras on the stage.
  • Under the stage, Thessing attacks Cinder.
  • Cinder responds by hitting him with his scorching ray spell.
  • Rin tells Melek about the fight happening under the stage.
  • Melek tries to get the trap door open.
  • “You bastard! I’ll make sure you die!” yells Thessing. He pulls out a dagger, dripping with Black Lotus extract, a deadly poison.
  • Thessing tries to stab Cinder with the dagger but only manages to nick Cinder in the arm.
  • Luckily, Cinder’s natural poison resistance as a dhampier helps him to shrug off the effects of the poison.
  • Cinder again blasts Thessing with scorching ray, killing him.
  • Cinder searches Thessing’s corpse for money.
  • The curtain goes up for another bow.
  • The crowd is going wild. Everyone loves us.
  • Robahld is crying as he comes out to bow.
  • Our whole rebel troop is super happy and comes up to congratulate us.
  • Robahld speaks to us after and tells us we’re the best crew he’s ever had.
  • “I’m taking some out of my retirement fund to pay you guys extra. I want to keep you guys on as my staff. Can I have your address to work out a permanent contract?”
  • “We’re in the process of moving, we’ll get it to you soon,” says Rin.
  • Earlier, Melek asked Cinder what happened under the stage.
  • “He tried to kill me with a poisoned dagger and I defended myself,” Cinder told him.
  • Melek laughed. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it.”
  • We find out later that he set it up so it looks like it was a stage accident.
  • In talking to Melek, we ask if he wants to join our cause.
  • “We think you’d be a great asset to our team, " said Harley.
  • “I just make illusions,” protests Melek.
  • “You have proved the value of what those can do. Your illusions could turn the tide in battle,” says Rin.
  • “Aw, what the heck. I can retire early. Sure, I’ll join you,” he says.
  • Before we leave, a mysterious person walks up to us.
  • “You were all simply fantastic,” she tells us.
  • She notices Steve.
  • “Oh, what a cute little toy you have there. May I touch it?” she asks.
  • Rin reluctantly agrees.
  • She nuzzles and pets Steve, scratching it under the chin.
  • Steve licks her.
  • “How adorable! What manner of creature does the skull come from?” she asks.
  • “It is my skull from the future,” I say.
  • “Interesting. I do so love the way Tiefling bones look. Would you be willing to donate your body when you die?” she asks.
  • “I really don’t know how to repsond to that,” I tell her.
  • “Very well. You there, I hear you’re in the market for animated undead,” she says to Rin.
  • " You raise the dead? Do you raise zombies?" Rin asks.
  • “Zombies are such nasty things,” she said.
  • “Come along, we must get going,” she said to an undead creature that was following her.
  • We received 12,100 gold for the play and for Cinder’s girlfriend selling her ticket.
The play - Part 2 (The Rin Files)

Act 4: The beast
Ok, this shit is messed up. We are on stage and a device is moved out of a trap door. The device has a giant glass tank filled with liquid. There is a neck and face connected to it that resembles a snake. AS the act starts it animates and eats us all in one bite. We fall down the neck and land into the tank. The neck is suddenly filled with sharp daggers all the way up. We have landed in acid that starts burning at our legs and the fumes are enough to make me throw up. I see Nisha attempt to climb the blades, but as she puts her armored hand on the first blade I hear her gasp. It is a magic blade that was able to cut right through her armor. My husband attacks the glass by lighting himself on fire. This causes all of the gases to explode and I take the brunt of the flame. While this hurt it at least cleared out the gasses in the chamber. He is then able to punch the glass one more time breaking it open and we all are able to exit.

We go back stage and heal.

Act 5: The Birthing Trial
We are each given eggs to eat. Everyone at their eggs but me. Nisha and I are the only ones that didn’t start violently vomiting. We see our vomit piles start to raise up and form into creatures. Who the hell decided that these should ever be something that exists. I attack a beast and start backing up so that I am not in rage of their claws. Cinder summons lightning clouds to attack several beasts a while Nisha also attacks them. Once they die their spirits fly to attack the ones that killed them. Cinder killed most of them and took a fair amount of damage. I am able to hex him and remove most of it.

Act 6 decides to start before we are able to heal up and prepare.

Act 6: Trial by combat and love
A trap door opens at the end of the stage. 2 giant creatures emerge. They are the animated skeletons of 2 Minotaur. Jeremiah attacks them by creating a huge explosion. I cackle with the group to refresh the fortune blessing. Zarias attacks one of the beats. They then decide to attack Rashaan. Nisha takes one of the hits and they both fall unconscious. Cinder is able to attack and kill one. Shadow beats then run up through the trapdoor and through the remaining beast and us. This heals the beast but injures us. Have I ever said how much a fucking hate this god awful play??? BECAUSE IT IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. Even my house that eats people isn’t as bad as this place. Harley puts on a show by pouring a health potion in her mouth and then feeds it to Rashaan. The beast uses this opportunity to attack Harley. I heal Cinder and then cackle to refresh my hex. Zarias attacks twice before the monster attacks. The beast swipes its claws and Nisha, Harley, and … Zarias are down. I can tell they are on the verge of death and what happens in the next few seconds are crucial. I feel my blood start to boil and I know that if anything happens to my husband everyone who put on this play will die. Cinder attacks the monster one final time killing it and ending this scene. I run over to Zarias and he is given a health potion bringing him back. Harley and Nisha are given one as well. I make sure to ask him if he is alright. I am glad to hear and see that he is.

Act 7: The close
Thessing comes back on stage, but this time he is playing the dark god. He drags Cinder off stage for the end of the performance. The curtains close and then Thessing makes his attack. He throws Cinder down into the trapdoor and then jumps down with a dagger and closes the trap door. I yell at everyone that Cinder is being attacked and people move to the trap door to try and get it to open. I start screaming in Thessing’s head as loudly as I can to distract him. He swipes the blade at Cinder, but luckily the poison that was on it isn’t able to get into his bloodstream. Thessing attempts to cast a spell, but luckily thanks to my screaming lost his concentration and wasn’t able to cast the spells. Cinder was able to attack Thessing and kill the bastard.

We all move up to the curtain and bow before the crowd. We are showered in money, flowers, and women’s undergarments that are thrown on the stage. We are also given 12,000 gold for our amazing performance.


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