Council of Thieves

Preparing to go to the Mayor's House (Zarias PoV)

A woman approached Harley after the play and asked her if she has any business planned for the near future. “What kind of business?” Harley asked. “I know those posters of you were a joke, but would you ever seriously consider that line of work?” the woman inquired.

Amaya was holding Harley’s hand at this point, but let go. “You can do what you want,” she said hesitantly.
“It’s a no for now, but I’ll approach you in the future if I want to,” said Harley.
“I could make you hundreds or thousands of gold per client if you change your mind,” said the woman, who then walked away.
Harley can tell that Amaya was visibly upset by this and apologized.
Rin and Cinder heard a voice in their heads.
“Turn down this alley, I have a business proposition for you.”
The alley was dark and creepy.
Rin cast his fey lights down the alley so he could see the speaker. A figure in a concealing cloak sat at the end of the alley.
Harley followed them.
“Where are you going?” she asked Rin through the magic of the witch’s scar.
“This person says he has a deal for us,” said Rin.
“And you believe him?” Harley said incredulously.
Harley hears a voice in her own head. “I am indeed a powerful man and dangerous, but not to these two,” the voice told her.
Rin and Cinder walk on into the alley.
“I lied just a little bit. I am not a man,” said the hooded figure.
He raised his head. He had slits where a nose should be, red eyes, and pale skin.
“Voldemort?” asked Rin.
“What is this name you call me? I have no name, for names are a weakness,” the creature responded.
“I have been watching you both for a long while, and I am impressed,” said the fiend in the hood.
“That’s a bit pervy,” said Rin.
“I am a contract devil. I give my clients the opportunity to bind demons,” said the pale figure.
“I am offering you both the service of either an imp or a lemure if you agree to meet me in two week’s time. Should you fail to meet me, however, I will need collateral.”
“What would you want?” Rin asked.
“How about the bond of your familiar?” the devilish thing responded, a grin splitting its face. All you have to do is meet me here in two weeks time, and the demons are yours.”
He flicks his wrist and a contract appeared out of nowhere. Cinder and Rin read through it. As far as they can tell the contract was very straightforward, outlining exactly the terms as the devil described.
“What if there’s no way we can make it?” Cinder asked.
“Tell you what.” The devil flicked his wrist again and a rock appeared. “You can communicate with me through this. Just make sure you talk with me in two weeks.”
“Let’s do it,” said Rin.
Cinder signed the contract first. Rin watched carefully as he did to find out what would happen.
Amaya and Harley went on a date.
Amaya invited Harley back to her place after the date.
Amaya seduced Harley and they copulate.
Cinder walked his date home after the play
“So I hear you guys have some kind of hideout?” Cinder’s girlfriend asked.
“Oh yeah, would you like to see it?” he asked.
They went to the hideout.
Cinder tried flirting with his girlfriend and putting on the moves, but she tells him she’s a “traditional” kind of girl, and he should ask again after we go to the mayor’s house.
Instead he lets her sleep in a separate bed which Arael kindly supplies for her.
Nisha crafts a Concealed Pocket and gave it to Reshan.
Melek kindly offered to decorate our base and make it look nicer.
“This place could definitely use some sprucing up, the Bastards of Erebus weren’t known for their interior decorating,” I said. (11:12)
“Alright, I’ll get this place looking good. Also, I had a thought. Y’all don’t have an address and I feel like you should. So what if I was to buy a house in town, and put a dimension portal here, so if someone knocked on the door we could just hop through the portal and act like it was our own little house?” asked Melek.
“That’d be amazing,” I said, impressed with his skills.
“I love it,” exclaimed Rin.
“Do you need some expenses? I’m sure Arael will cover those,” said Cinder.
“Don’t worry about it. I’m real grateful. I haven’t really had friends before, and you all have been real nice,” said Melek.
Ermola walks in behind us.
“Why did we bring a freak back?” she asked.
The party is instantly outraged. Rin in particular gets pissed off. He moves menacingly towards Ermola.
Nisha instantly steps between the two of them, raising her hands to hold them back.
Since Nisha got in the way, Rin glared at Ermola and she bursted into flame.
Ermola started trying to bat out the flames, and shouts “What the hell, Rin?”
She obviously was not yet aware of Rin’s murderous intentions.
Nisha barreled into Ermola and knocked her to the ground, smothering the flames.
“Everyone needs to calm down!” She shouted.
Reshan grabs Melek and moved him off to the side out of the way.
Melek says, “I’ve been called worse than that before, you really don’t have to light her on fire.”
“You don’t deserve to be treated unkindly, you’re amazing,” said Harley.
“I mean, she was being kind of a bitch, but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be lit on fire,” Melek replied.
“Bitches deserve to be lit on fire,” said Harley.
“Y’all are kind of vengeful, aren’t you?” Melek commented. (17:02)
Rin tries to hit Ermola with a snowball spell even though Nisha was on top of her.
Nisha used her own body to shield Ermola from Rin’s attack.
The ice pierces through Nisha’s back and out her shoulder.
“Get off of her Nisha!” called Rin angrily.
“You need to settle down Rin,” Nisha snarled back at him.
Cinder started laughing and says “Just calm down, nobody needs to die. We don’t insult our own people, she learned her lesson. “
“I won’t insult him again, geez,” says Ermola.
“This is Melek, he’s the newest member of Liberty’s Blade, and he’s very very important, ok,” Cinder told everyone.
“I didn’t understand he was something important, ok?” said Ermola.
I step in front of Rin and say “Hun…Calm down…”
“FORGET BEING MAD AT YOU!” Rin bellowed at Reshan.
Harley pulled out two daggers and held them out. She screeched “Stop!”
Arael ran into the room next and bellows “WHAT IS HAPPENING??” He made his way over to where Nisha was still on all fours shielding Ermola with her body, blood dripping from the point where the icicle had pierced her back.
Arael reached down and channeled healing magics into both women.
“Ok, so Ermola insulted Melek, then Rin attacked Ermola. You’re caught up,” said Cinder with a smirk.
Arael scowled. “We do not attack our own, we do not insult our own,” he growled. “Do I need to hire a babysitter?”
“No, but you can fire the bitch,” said Rin.
“I’m not firing Ermola over a slip of the tongue, just like you and Reshan are feuding,” said Arael.
“Oh he’s still on my list,” said Rin.
The rest of Liberty’s Blade came into the room to see what was happening.
“I don’t consider myself your employer, but we are organized here as a group, and we need to work as a team. Is anyone else going to try and kill anyone else?” Arael said, glaring around the room.
“If anyone of you tries to kill anyone else, you will either be trying to kill me or I will kill you,’ Arael continued. “I protect each and everyone of you just as I expect you to protect each other. I won’t accept this. I expect you all to figure it out and get along.”
“Then I may be leaving very soon,” said Rin.
“If you must. But I hope you could get over it. You’re a grown talented man. Ermola, go take a walk,” said Arael.
Nisha helped Ermola to her feet.
“For me being the one that’s bad with social situations, you have been causing a lot more problems lately,” I told Rin. “You need to work on your anger issues.”
“I don’t have anger issues,” he told me. “I am calm!”
Cinder walked over to us. “I can also act as a therapist if you need. I’m a good actor, I can act like a therapist.”
Ermola, now on her feet, walked out of the base like Arael told her. Arael turned around and stormed out in the other direction.
Janiven walked up behind Rin and put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. I once put an arrow in Larko’s back over a disagreement,” she said.
“You’re my new favorite person,” Rin replied.
Rin activated an illusion spell he had inscribed into his staff. Suddenly, multiple Rins were standing in the room. They all charged at Ermola.
The actual Rin reached out and touched Ermola, attempting to scar her, but she was able to shrug off his magics. “What are you doing?” She demanded.
He attempted to punch her but she blocked it with a disgusted look, slapping his hand away.
“If you don’t stop now, you will sleep on the couch for the next year,” I told him angrily.
“Sleep on it Rin,” barked Ermola. “If we have to, we can fight to the death.”
“Good, I’ll kill you,” Rin said coolly. She walked away.
“Rin, it was merely an insult. You don’t think this is a little bit of an overreaction to try and kill someone over words? Over someone she didn’t know?” Nisha asked.
“No,” said Rin petulantly.
“This is someone who followed a dark path for a long time. She is trying to become someone new. She has joined a good side, and all you can show her of this good side is trying to kill her over a few petty words?” Nisha demanded.
“Yup,” said Rin stubbornly, folding his arms.
Nisha stormed off in disgust.
Meanwhile, Melek finished making himself a sandwich in the kitchen.
I gave Rin a disgusted look. “This is not the Rin I remember,” I said.
“This is a culmination of the way she’s treated you and Nisha and others for months. This isn’t just because of this,” said Rin.
I walked away.
Nisha had wandered into the training room and was hacking up a training dummy to let out some of her frustration.
Harley apologized to Amaya for all the drama. “You’re fine, it’s not your fault. Drama is expected. After all, Janiven shot Larko in the back once,” said Amaya.
Harley went after Ermola to apologize for what Rin did.
“It’s alright. I’ve just got to watch what I say,” said Ermola.
“You didn’t deserve any of that. We all accidentally insult people,” said Harley.
“No, I did. I did. I used to run with a group where you’d get criticized for accepting someone like that and I’ve just got to get used to the change,” said Ermola.
“Just so you know, I will never hurt you unless you hurt someone else in our group,” said Harley.
“Just see if you can get Rin to calm down. I’m going to let him cool off. He’d make a good orc,” said Ermola.
Later, Amaya and Harley went on a date, and Rin and Zarias went to dinner to discuss the issues of the day.
“I can’t believe you did that this afternoon,” I said to Rin. “and I can’t believe you made a contract with a demon.”
“She deserved it,” said Rin. “and I only took the contract to try and gather information. He said they’d been watching us for quite some time and the only reason I did it was so that I could find out more about them.”
“Just because someone acts like a bitch doesn’t mean that you can attack them. She was being racist against me and I haven’t punched her in the face,” I said.
“All the more reason for me to take the matter into my own hands and take action. I wasn’t going to let her treat you, or Melek, or Nisha that way. Even though Nisha got in my way today,” Rin stated.
I told Rin he’s sleeping on the couch. He went and laid in the bed anyway. I tried pushing him out. He kept getting back in. I paused for a minute, then laid down next to him and heat up my body so warm that it would be extremely uncomfortable to sleep next to me. He throws water in my face.
“GET OUT! GET OUT NOW!” I yelled.
Rin expanded Steve into camper mode and slept in there.
In the morning, Harley came back to the base after sleeping with Amaya.
Rin and I talked out our issues in the morning, and resolved the issues.
Cinder discovered that his girlfriend had taken off during the night.
After we’re done, Rin walked over to Reshan and asked if he was ready to put the scar back on. Reshan denied him.
“Ok,” said Rin. “That was your one chance. And people say I’m not reasonable.”
Nisha came out in the morning with an item in hand. “I made this.”
“Wow, what is it?” I asked.
“It’s a magic pocket. We can attach it to our clothes and store things in it, and they can’t be detected,” she said.
“That’s impressive,” I responded.
“I thought it would be handy if we’re going to be stealing things this week,” said Nisha.
“Well, while we’re doing show and tell,” I say, pulling out my temple swords, “I improved these. One of the blades is now silver and the other is cold iron.”
“That’s amazing. Did you do the improvements yourself, or did you have someone do it for you?” asked Nisha.
“I did it myself,” I responded.
“I got lucky last night!” said Harley.
Cinder gave her a hard time “Suurrre you did…” he said.
Zarias, looking very awkward, said to Harley “good for you….I gotta go,” and he walked away.
Cinder spoke to Arael. “Did you see my girlfriend leave?” he asked. “Yes, I saw her leave a few hours ago.” “She didn’t have a bag of stolen goods with her, did she?” asked Cinder. Arael told him no.
Reshan went to talk to Tarvi to see if he can get her to come back to our organization.
“Hello. How are doing after Zarias yelled at you?” asked Reshan.
“Better. I feel kind of bad,” she said.
“I’m sorry about that,” said Reshan. “I wish your dad would join our organization. It seems like he would be a big help.”
“Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen after what happened with my mom. She was killed by shadowbeasts,” she told him.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” he said. “Listen, would you be able to come back to base and help Nisha make an item for me?” he asked.
“Is that the thing from last night?” asked Tarvi. “Yes, it is,” responded Reshan. “Yeah, I can help with that,” Tarvi told him. “Thanks, you’re the best,” said Reshan.
Tarvi sought out Zarias when she got back to the base. “I’m sorry Zarias,” she said.
“I appreciate that,” I told her.
“I see why you’re good to have on our team because you’re really scary when you’re mad. You must be terrifying when you’re on fire,” said Tarvi.
“I just hope that we can work together and respect each other from this point forward,”


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