Council of Thieves

The play - Part 2 (The Rin Files)

Act 4: The beast
Ok, this shit is messed up. We are on stage and a device is moved out of a trap door. The device has a giant glass tank filled with liquid. There is a neck and face connected to it that resembles a snake. AS the act starts it animates and eats us all in one bite. We fall down the neck and land into the tank. The neck is suddenly filled with sharp daggers all the way up. We have landed in acid that starts burning at our legs and the fumes are enough to make me throw up. I see Nisha attempt to climb the blades, but as she puts her armored hand on the first blade I hear her gasp. It is a magic blade that was able to cut right through her armor. My husband attacks the glass by lighting himself on fire. This causes all of the gases to explode and I take the brunt of the flame. While this hurt it at least cleared out the gasses in the chamber. He is then able to punch the glass one more time breaking it open and we all are able to exit.

We go back stage and heal.

Act 5: The Birthing Trial
We are each given eggs to eat. Everyone at their eggs but me. Nisha and I are the only ones that didn’t start violently vomiting. We see our vomit piles start to raise up and form into creatures. Who the hell decided that these should ever be something that exists. I attack a beast and start backing up so that I am not in rage of their claws. Cinder summons lightning clouds to attack several beasts a while Nisha also attacks them. Once they die their spirits fly to attack the ones that killed them. Cinder killed most of them and took a fair amount of damage. I am able to hex him and remove most of it.

Act 6 decides to start before we are able to heal up and prepare.

Act 6: Trial by combat and love
A trap door opens at the end of the stage. 2 giant creatures emerge. They are the animated skeletons of 2 Minotaur. Jeremiah attacks them by creating a huge explosion. I cackle with the group to refresh the fortune blessing. Zarias attacks one of the beats. They then decide to attack Rashaan. Nisha takes one of the hits and they both fall unconscious. Cinder is able to attack and kill one. Shadow beats then run up through the trapdoor and through the remaining beast and us. This heals the beast but injures us. Have I ever said how much a fucking hate this god awful play??? BECAUSE IT IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. Even my house that eats people isn’t as bad as this place. Harley puts on a show by pouring a health potion in her mouth and then feeds it to Rashaan. The beast uses this opportunity to attack Harley. I heal Cinder and then cackle to refresh my hex. Zarias attacks twice before the monster attacks. The beast swipes its claws and Nisha, Harley, and … Zarias are down. I can tell they are on the verge of death and what happens in the next few seconds are crucial. I feel my blood start to boil and I know that if anything happens to my husband everyone who put on this play will die. Cinder attacks the monster one final time killing it and ending this scene. I run over to Zarias and he is given a health potion bringing him back. Harley and Nisha are given one as well. I make sure to ask him if he is alright. I am glad to hear and see that he is.

Act 7: The close
Thessing comes back on stage, but this time he is playing the dark god. He drags Cinder off stage for the end of the performance. The curtains close and then Thessing makes his attack. He throws Cinder down into the trapdoor and then jumps down with a dagger and closes the trap door. I yell at everyone that Cinder is being attacked and people move to the trap door to try and get it to open. I start screaming in Thessing’s head as loudly as I can to distract him. He swipes the blade at Cinder, but luckily the poison that was on it isn’t able to get into his bloodstream. Thessing attempts to cast a spell, but luckily thanks to my screaming lost his concentration and wasn’t able to cast the spells. Cinder was able to attack Thessing and kill the bastard.

We all move up to the curtain and bow before the crowd. We are showered in money, flowers, and women’s undergarments that are thrown on the stage. We are also given 12,000 gold for our amazing performance.


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