• (Dead) "King" Whitechin

    (Dead) "King" Whitechin

    Female Goblin that dons a fake white beard. Was ruling over a small band of goblins that were causing trouble in Westcrown.
  • (Dead) Drovono the Digger

    (Dead) Drovono the Digger

    Higher ranking member of the Bastards of Erebus. Capable of burrowing through stone with ease using his huge, adamantine claws.
  • (Dead) Ostengo and Vethammer

    (Dead) Ostengo and Vethammer

    Twin mummies serving the Bastards of Erebus.
  • (Dead) Palaveen

    (Dead) Palaveen

    Current leader of The Bastards of Erebus.
  • (Dead) Shanwen

    (Dead) Shanwen

    High ranking Hellknight officer of the Order of the Rack.
  • (Dead) Thesing Umbero Ulvaud

    (Dead) Thesing Umbero Ulvaud

    Male Human. Actor/Opera singer. Westcrowns most notorious rising star.
  • (Enemy) Bastards of Erebus

    (Enemy) Bastards of Erebus

    Group of Tiefling thugs that have been terrorizing Westcrown.
  • (Enemy) Goblin Dog

    (Enemy) Goblin Dog

    A strange breed of canine that are very loyal to goblins. The only breed of dog that goblins don't fear
  • (Enemy) Goblins

    (Enemy) Goblins

    Small, green, unintelligent creatures that inhabit many places in Golarion.
  • (Enemy) Hellhound

    (Enemy) Hellhound

    Fierce flaming hounds with a coat of hellfire instead of fur.
  • (Enemy) Lemure

    (Enemy) Lemure

    Knowledge revealed: Weak claw attack, DR 5/Magic+Good or Silver, Dark Ritual (Greatly injure it's slayer.)
  • (Enemy) Minotaur

    (Enemy) Minotaur

    The party encountered skeletal versions.
  • (Enemy) Order of the Rack Hellknight

    (Enemy) Order of the Rack Hellknight

    Knights sworn to protect Golarion from all the evils of Hell. The Order of the Rack is Westcrown's local organizations of Hellknights and act as the current town guard. Once noble defenders of the city, but have since been infiltrated by Thrune agents.
  • (Enemy) Skeleton

    (Enemy) Skeleton

    Animated Skeletal remains of a human corpse.
  • (Enemy) Torbles

    (Enemy) Torbles

    Gelatenous, bug-like creatures with acidic bodies. The party was unable to gather any more information on the creatures.
  • (Enemy) Watchman

    (Enemy) Watchman

    One of the smaller shadow beasts that plague the streets of Westcrown after curfew.
  • (Enemy) Zombie

    (Enemy) Zombie

    Animated human corpse.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Ailyn Ghontasavos

    (Liberty's Blade) Ailyn Ghontasavos

    Old friend of Janiven. Agent of the Pathfinder Society working undercover to assist Janiven and the rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Amaya

    (Liberty's Blade) Amaya

    Female Human. Town glassblower and inexperienced member of the rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Arael

    (Liberty's Blade) Arael

    Middle-Aged Elf. Leader of the Westcrown Rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Ermola

    (Liberty's Blade) Ermola

    Female Half-orc. Ex Hellknight that was captured by the party and ended up joining the rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Fiosa

    (Liberty's Blade) Fiosa

    Female Halfling. Was Arael's house servant, but now he just views her as a founding member of the rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Gorvio

    (Liberty's Blade) Gorvio

    Dark-skinned Male Human. Inexperienced member of the rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Janiven

    (Liberty's Blade) Janiven

    Second in command of the rebellion. Recruited the party.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Larko

    (Liberty's Blade) Larko

    Male Human. The rebellion's current blacksmith.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Millech the Hump

    (Liberty's Blade) Millech the Hump

    A hump-backed stage hand and assistant to Robahl in charge of set design, lighting, special effects, and other backstage elements of the play.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Morisono

    (Liberty's Blade) Morisono

    Young boy who appears to be a messenger for Janiven.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Rizzardo

    (Liberty's Blade) Rizzardo

    Male Human. Most ill-tempered member of the rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Sclavo

    (Liberty's Blade) Sclavo

    Human male. A scribe for one of Westcrowns major courts and secretly a member of the rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Tarvi

    (Liberty's Blade) Tarvi

    Female human child. She is the daughter of the local potion seller and is secretly aiding the rebellion without her father knowing.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Vitti

    (Liberty's Blade) Vitti

    Male Human. Green-haired eccentric who respects nature. Inexperienced member of the rebellion.
  • (Liberty's Blade) Yakopulio

    (Liberty's Blade) Yakopulio

    Offensive and irreverent gnome bartender. Also the Black Market contact for the Rebellion.
  • Aberian Arvanxi

    Aberian Arvanxi

    Current Lord-Mayor of Westcrown. He has a reputation for being a corrupt, lavish, glutton who cares only for the upper class of the city.
  • Calseinica Nymmis

    Calseinica Nymmis

    An popular up and coming actress auditioning for the role of Larazod's love interest, Ilsandra in "The Six Trials of Larazod".
  • Chammady Drovenge

    Chammady Drovenge

    The only daughter of the renowned Drovenge family, the highest ranking noble family in all of Cheliax. The Drovenge's tend to keep to themselves and so not much is known about Chammady.
  • Crosael Rasdovain

    Crosael Rasdovain

    The head stewardess of the Mayor's Villa. Known for being stern, but efficient and lacking a sense of humor.
  • Eirtein Oberigo

    Eirtein Oberigo

    Head of the Oberigo household, one of Westcrown's more notable noble families. He is rumored to be a major crime lord of Westcrown.
  • General Vourne

    General Vourne

    Commander of the Gemcrown Imperial Fleet of Cheliax. Known for being extremely austere. It is said that him and the Mayor dislike each other and only associate with each other out of respect for their positions.
  • Jacovo


    Elderly Male Human. Gorvio's uncle. He donated his stable of horses to the Rebellion.
  • Mathalen


    Female Human. Ex-memeber of Liberty's Blade.
  • Robahl Nonon

    Robahl Nonon

    Most famous director in all of Cheliax. He is directing "The Six Trials of Larazod" as well as playing Asmodeus in the play.
  • Sascar Tilernos

    Sascar Tilernos

    Member of the Tilernos household, one of Westcrowns lower noble families. She has a reputation with the noble families for being an alcoholic.
  • Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa

    Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa

    Westcrowns most popular opera singer and diva. She has been seen less and less lately due to the outrageous price she charges to participate in an event , though for some reason she agreed to perform in "The Six Trials of Larazod" for free.
  • William Thespin

    William Thespin

    Human Male. Local Potion seller.