(Enemy) Lemure

Knowledge revealed: Weak claw attack, DR 5/Magic+Good or Silver, Dark Ritual (Greatly injure it's slayer.)


The least of devilkind, lemures roil forth from the ranks of souls damned to Hell, shapeless masses of quivering f lesh. What spark of instinct or memory lingers on within a lemure’s semi-consciousness regularly shapes its features to mimic those of its tormentors or the tortured souls around it. Grotesque and useless, a lemure’s features speak nothing of what it once was. Many exhibit multiple terrible visages or are nothing more than churning pillars of cancerous f lesh. Only their knobby, f lailing limbs work as they should, and those they merely use to destroy any non-infernal life that draws too near. Moving lemures typically congeal in forms over 4 feet tall and weigh upward of 200 pounds, though when at rest these disgusting f iends often appear to be little more than lumps of melted f lesh and malformed features.


(Enemy) Lemure

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