Rin Morningsorrow

A witch throughout time.


I am a witch. A really good one if I do say so myself. I once studied for a night with 3 witch sisters from Salem. I learned a lot, but they were a bit obsessed with some children that were running amuck amuck amuck.


My name is Telerin, although these days I go by Rin. And this is my story.

My childhood was a good one. I am not going to go into it very much because I am sure that it is like most childhoods. I had good parents, a good education, and enjoyed my time growing up. As I reached young adulthood I gained an interest in magic and started pursuing it. This is where my life started to get really interesting and where I will focus most of this on.

Around this time I also started to see someone around town that took my breath away. As I made my way around town I saw him frequently. I don’t think that he ever saw me. He seemed to be in his own world half of the time. I think that part of it was how people treat his kind. He is a Tiefling. His kind has had a penchant for doing dark deeds and because of this they are generally looked down upon. He seems different however. There seems to be kindness in him. It is that sense that I get from him and his great looks that make it so that I can’t keep my eyes off of him every time that I see him. I want to say hi, but I get too nervous.

A few months later I am leaving a book shop and I am browsing through my most recent purchase. I am not paying attention to where I am going and I bump into someone. I drop all of my books and fall down from the impact. As I attempt to scramble up and pick up my purchases I apologize to the person that I ran into. I see them kneel down and they help me pick up the books. It is the Tiefling that I have been wanting to say hello to. I am so embarrassed. This is not how I ever pictured us meeting. As he is helping me pick up his books he apologizes to me like this was his fault saying that he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. I let him know that it was my fault as I had my head in a book. As he hands me one of the last books his hand touches mine and we both blush a little. After a moment we both kind of back up and look at each other awkwardly. We introduce ourselves and he tells me that his name is Zarias. I ask him if he would like to walk and talk with me for a bit. He agrees and we start walking back the way towards my house and chatting. I can tell that he is very smart. Very smart. He sometimes gets flustered over his words however and that seems to frustrate him. I think that it is cute. I enjoy the conversation that we have. All too soon we reach my home and I fear that this may be the last time that we get to talk. But as we are about to say our farewells he asks me out.. In his own fashion:

“You know, I never do this,” Zarias said, his face beginning to flush. “But would you maybe…drinks…would you go get drinks? With me? Sometime soon?”

He appeared to be getting flustered, and his face was fully flushed a dark purple. I could tell that he was worried that he had messed it up and that I would say no. I can see that before I even have the chance to answer that his face falls a little bit as this thought crosses his mind. He doesn’t really seem to expect the yes that I say, rather quickly. After a moment his face breaks out into a giant grin, just as big as I am sure that mine currently is. I tell him to come and pick me up tomorrow night and give him a brief kiss before I head inside.

The first date was amazing. I think that I fell in love with Zarias. We started spending every moment together that we could. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. I asked him to marry me and he said yes. The day that we got married was the best day of my life. After our marriage we had a good life. Zarias and I had a nice home on the edge of Westcrown. Zarias started studying in the way of the monks to help him control the demon like tendencies that he fought against due to his bloodline. I studied in the ways of magic and had learned a great deal. It was this study that caused my life to change so drastically.

I was in my study. I had found a way to summon a magical patron (a powerful being that would be able to teach me much in the way of magic). As the ritual nears completion I feel a dark force approaching from the beyond. Something must have gone wrong. I didn’t want to summon a dark force. Suddenly I see a bright light and as it fades I can see that I no longer in my study. I am somewhere completely different. I am at the edge of a forest. And what I see outside of the forest is amazing. Off in the distance is a vast city, with buildings taller than I have ever seen. I also see giant metal birds flying through the sky (I come to learn that they are called airplanes. They are giant flying passenger ships that travel at vast speeds).

“Greetings” I hear from behind me. I turn to see a very tall man, draped in robes of white and gold. He has a staff with an hour glass in it. It is strange, because the sands are moving the wrong way. “I believe that you were trying to summon one of my kind” he says. He is a patron, and he must have been a very powerful one to have transported me to this strange land. It turns out that when I was trying to call upon a patron, more than I had anticipated heard the call. He let me know that he saved me by teleporting me to a different plane and time. He saw potential in me and wanted to give me the chance to learn. I was in a place called Utah in 2016. I asked him to send me back, but he said that I couldn’t go back just yet. I would have to adapt to this new land. He told me that I would be here for a long time. When I asked about Zarias he told me that my husband was safe. At least I had comfort in that. Before the patron left he granted me some gifts. All the knowledge that I would need to live a comfortable life in these “modern” times, a tomb of spells to learn, and his promise that he would teach me much more magic as time went on. I thanked him and in a flash of light he was gone.

A few months after being here I decided to travel to see if where I initially appeared here had any connection to Westcrown. Using a magical sight I was able to see that there was, however not in the same time. I was able to see where my old house was, but sadly after several hundreds of years there was only rubble, and the remains of a grave. It was Zarias’. I fell and wept. What was the point of being here if he wasn’t with me. I don’t know how long I laid there, but I know that at least most of a day had passed before I got up. I channeled all of my grief into a spell that let my hand travel through the planes. I moved away some of the dirt and found his Skull. I pulled it back through. I would see if I could use this to bring him back.

1 year later.

I have had to give up on trying to bring back Zarias. This world doesn’t have resurrection magic. I can feel a part of me die. I almost give up, but I know that Zarias would not want that. He would want me to live as best as I can. I decide that I am going to do this, not for me, but for him.

My patron gifted me with a familiar to help me with my studies shortly after visiting Zarias’ grave. The familiar fused with Zarias’ skull. This fusion I was told would make my familiar and I more powerful because of what the skull meant to me. I named my familiar Steve. He is a comforting presence and it is nice to not be alone during this time. We quickly become very close friends.

Flash forward 14 years.

I have been able to adjust to this time very well, thanks to the patron that saved me. With the “modern” knowledge that he gave me and the magic that I have learned I now have a very comfortable life. I live in a large mansion. I got it for really really cheap. Apparently some people say that it kills people and is always changing shape and size inside. Others tell me that it is impossible for a house to do this and that those people are crazy. Ghosts and magic can’t exist according to them. Most people don’t believe in magic here. Well, I can tell you that the house doesn’t kill people, or at least it hasn’t killed me. It has changed shape and size a few times, but this keeps things fun. I was able to purchase this house thanks to the job that I have. With the help of my magic I was able to move my way into owning several of the largest companies in the world. Whenever someone needs to look up information it makes me more wealthy. While I have come to mostly enjoy the time and place that I now live in, I still fell a giant hole in me. I don’t think that I will ever be as carefree or as kind as I once was. My loss and need to adapt to this time have made me colder. It used to scare me, but as time has gone on I have pushed that feeling as far away as I could.

When I get home I see a letter on the entry table. I pick it up wondering how it got here. It has a look to it that I haven’t seen in a letter in a long time. I recognize the crest on the wax. It is from Westcrown and addressed to me. How did it get here? I open it and see that it is from someone named Janiven. Who the hell is she, and how did she know about me, let alone find me? The letter states that Janiven wants my help in a rebellion to overthrow the corrupt House of Thrune. They have corrupted the once great Westcrown and need to be stopped. The letter goes on to say that if I agree a portal has been arranged to teleport me back to that plane and a past time (around 10 years after I disappeared from there). As I reach the end of the letter my heart skips a beat. It says that with any luck a Zarias Morningsorrow will be joining as well. I had long ago thought that this opportunity would never come. The portal will be arriving soon so I quickly prepare to leave. I enact the safety protocols for my house and businesses that way I can be gone for a long period of time and if I ever return they will still be there for me. After I calm down I start to think more rationally. It has been 10 years for him. A lot could have changed in that time. Just because I didn’t find someone else doesn’t mean that he hasn’t. Who knows if he will even want me back in his life. I still feel that I need to make the attempt, but before I reveal myself to him I will attempt to see if he will even want me back in his life. I grab a mask (common back in that time) and decide to go by Rin.

With all of my preparations in place I go to the location where the portal will appear. I only wait a few moments before the wind picks up and I hear a crackling noise. I see a portal open in front of me. I make sure that Steve is ready and we walk through.

Rin Morningsorrow

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