Zarias Morningsorrow


Zarias has always struggled with his dark heritage. The call to do evil has always been an alluring option, so close within his grasp. Yet in his heart, he has always felt that there was something fundamentally wrong in this world. People should not have to cower in fear from those who are supposed to protect them. His people, the tieflings, should be able to walk in the streets openly, without always needing to be wary for some self-righteous human throwing rotten vegetables or worse in their direction. These warring desires to bring some justice to the world – or embrace what the world thinks of him and bring suffering to those who expect it from a tiefling – have tormented Zarias his entire life.

Discouraged by the world he lived in, Zarias felt beat down at a young age. His whole family had embraced the darker side of life in Westcrown, and he was reluctantly being dragged along with them to aid in their shady dealings. Until he met Telerin.

Telerin believed that there was good in Zarias. He helped Zarias see that there was not only darknesss in this world, after all. It was Telerin’s suggestion that Zarias pursue the ways of the monk to help him gain the discipline he needed to master his emotions and the taint of his demonic blood. Zarias began to believe that laws should be to protect the people, not oppress them, and that good was worth fighting for.

The happiest day of Zarias’s life was when he and Telerin were wed. And the most tragic was the day that Telerin disappeared. They had been in their home on the outskirts of Westcrown, when Zarias heard a large explosion from Telerin’s study. Rushing to investigate, Zarias discovered the study in ruins. Consumed by grief, Zarias began to search for any means to bring Telerin back.

His desparate search eventually led him to do the unthinkable – he tracked down the Oni who sired his line and made a pact with him for power. In exchange for power and aid in finding out what happened to Telerin, he swore fealty to the Oni. The Oni, a dark being of flame, cut his wrist and poured his blood into a vial. He demanded that Zarias drink, and when he did, his whole body felt as though it had lit on fire. He soon found that he could manifest and manipulate flames to use as weapons against his master’s foes.

Zarias did many horrible things in the name of his dark master. He gathered powerful tools that aided the demon in his nefarious goals. He worked as a thug in the Bastards of Erebus, striking fear into his foes with fist and blade. Finally, he went to the Oni and demanded that he keep his end of the bargain.

The Oni laughed at him. “Did you truly think I could restore your lover?” Realizing that it had all been for naught, and furious at both the Oni and himself, Zarias charged, fighting fire with fire. The Oni proved too powerful for Zarias, however, and he barely escaped with his life.

Now, Zarias has sworn to bring an end to the demons and those who serve them. All those who follow Asmodeus and his kind must be brought to justice. And Zarias must atone for the sins he has committed.

Zarias Morningsorrow

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