Council of Thieves

Session #1-6/11/16
The Rebellion Begins

The adventure begins! The party was all invited annonymously via letter to meet at Vizio’s Tavern. Everyone eventually showed up and were all greeted by Janiven, the second in command of a group of rebels striving to take Westcrown back from the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune. Janiven convinced each member of the party to join their rebellion, offering promise of gold, glory and a better Westcrown. Just as their meeting was about to come to an end, a young boy named Morisono showed up out of breath and in a panick. He brought news that the leader of the Rebellion, an Elf named Arael had been arrested by the Hellknights of the Order of the Rack and that the knights were just on his tail to come arrest Janiven and the newly recruited rebels. The party took Janivens suggestion to flee through the sewers beneath the tavern and follow the markers she had left to find the rebels hideout. Janiven split from the party and took a more stealthy escape with Morisono through the roof. The party began to navigate the sewers, following the markers without much trouble. The sound of clanking armor echoing through the sewers behind them prompted the party to quicken their pace. Deeper into the sewers Rashann spotted strange gelatenous spots dotting various places along the ceiling. Rinn Sacrificed several of his ravens, sending them beneath the substance to see if they were dangerous. Sure enough the creatures dropped from the ceiling with precise accuracy devouring the ravens and continuing to attack the Party. The party was able to defeat the creatures with minimal injuries and now continues onward through the seweres.



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