Council of Thieves

The Alternate Dimension Behind the Clock

Cinder jumps into the puddle. His skeleton appeared to float to the surface.
“Cinder!” yells Nisha.
Rin informs us that he can still feel Cinder’s connection across planes.
“Well, I’m glad to hear that, as I don’t think he could cast his snowballs looking like that,” said Zarias.
Everyone else began jumping into the pool. Zarias was the last. I stood and contemplated the pool and was able to detect that the spells on the pool felt vaguely like teleportation and illusion magic – the skeletons floating in the pool weren’t real. I hopped in.
When we got to the other side, everyone had made it safely – except Reshan. He was no where to be found and the scar connection from Rin severed suddenly.
Nisha called out his name as she frantically stomped up and down the stairs.
We were in a room with nothing but a spiraling staircase.
2 shadow beings were running up the stairs at us.
Cinder blasts them with a lightning bolt, slaying them both.
Rin reached out with his magical senses, and could detect that something magical was in the air that hadn’t yet been triggered.
He casted Detect Magic and found that there was really strong illusion magic in the air.
“When we move, it’s going to activate and affect us.”
“Then I should go first,” said Nisha.
I held up my hand and ignited it on fire, trying to see if it would give us any extra light. It did not much. There was a muted light in the chamber that seemed to come from everywhere.
Nisha began working her way past everyone on the narrow stairs.
As she takes a step beyond everyone, she saw the stairs behind her just suddenly break. It appeared to her that everyone fell with the stairs and got crushed, with blood spraying everywhere.
We saw her running in place. She suddenly screamed.
Harley nudged past everyone and went up to Nisha, grabbing her arm. Nisha shrugged her off.
More shadows then formed at the bottom of the stairs.
Lilith moved past Harley and Nisha. She did not get affected by the spell.
Cinder turned into a bird and flew in front of anyone else. Nothing happened.
Rin had his imp fly to the bottom of the stairwell and poke the soap that Harley dropped earlier to make sure it was real. “It is, Master.”
“What else is down there?”
“Shadows. A door. Stone,” it responded.
“Guys, there’s a door at the bottom,” Rin told us all.
“I kinda figured,” said Harley.
I leaned over the edge and shot balls of fire from my fists and blasted the shadowy creatures at the bottom. I killed one of them, but the other survived.
Harley tossed her enchanted returning dagger into the other shadow and pinned it to the wall.
Lilith started walking down the stairs and stabbed the shadow on her way down.
After the final shadow died, we all made our way down the stairs and saw the door at the bottom.
Harley opened the door. The room was packed full of the nasty shadow creatures.
Harley tried to shut the door. As she did, a voice called out “Wait! You’re all in an insane asylum. Don’t touch that door again, and we’ll make you feel better.”
“We can see you,” said Cinder.
“No you can’t. You’re not the doctor here.”
“Yes I am!” said both Cinder and Rin.
“Oh, well in that case, I don’t have to take care of them. You can. Good luck!”
The slight blur that we could see in the air started trying to fly away.
Cinder casted Hold Person and the creature fell into his arms, becoming visible.
It was a small imp. “I’m going to unfreeze you now, please don’t fly away.” said Cinder.
“Now will you explain to us?” said Cinder.
“First you must all prove you’re not crazy!” said the imp.
“We’re not crazy! She opened the door!” it said pointing at Lilith.
“She didn’t open the door.”
“Here, have this,” said Rin, offering it a Mountain Dew.
“There are tests for this sort of thing,” it said.
“We’ve taken the test. We’re not crazy,” said Lilith convincingly.
“Oh good, then I’m going to kill the spiders,” It flied away and then a shower of dead spiders and snakes fell from the ceiling.
“I’ll answer 6 questions for you, since you’ve earned it!” she said.
We convinced her that you have to count by 0.5 increments, since she only learned to count yesterday. We also convinced her numbers start at 0.

0 Where’s the key to open the Pathfinder Lodge? “The outcast king holds it.”
0.5 Where is the outcast king located? “It’s out there,” she said, gesturing at the door across the way.
1. Will the shadows hurt us? “It depends on whether or not you want to join them.”
1.5 What is the outcast king? “He is a very juiced up Babazu.” A babazu is a very powerful devil. They have tentacles with eyes, and they have spikes.
2. Are there illusions in this room? “It is all very real.”
2.5 How many rooms are there beyond this one until we get to the outcast king? “About 3.”
3. And are you remembering to use your points? “Of course? I’m not a fool.”
3.5 What is the difference if we don’t want to join these things? “It will hurt either way.”
4. How do you get through here without getting hurt? “Drowned Jabe gave me permission.” I knew that Drowned Jabe is a myth amongst the rich people. The previous mayor had him hung, and when they were going to have a funeral for him, he rose from the dead and started killing everyone.
4.5 Can we get permission from Drowned Jabe to go past with no obstacles, and if so, can you get him? “I can schedule an appointment. It will take 3 weeks.”
“Well three weeks is an hour, and we think he will want to hear our offer. Go get him.”
“I hope he doesn’t kill me, I’ll go get him!” she said. She flew off.
We waited. I shadowboxed. Harley tossed her dagger in the air. Cinder asked his imp about hell. “It’s hot. I don’t like it. I would like to die.”
We then spoke with with Lilith to learn more about her. We learn that she had been in hell, and that she had no longer wanted to be a part of Lucifer’s organization. It turned out that she wanted to rule hell, but couldn’t. Nisha and I became very suspicious of her.
An hour and a half passes.
A dark blast of energy blasts out of Nisha, knocking me back a bit and knocking Nisha to the ground. A bone devil appeared in the room.
“Nisha Meldrek, the runes have deemed you doomed!” He pulled out a scythe and started attacking her.
Nisha managed to climb to her feet and tried to channel. She did a little damage.
The creature tried to summon a wall of ice, but I sent fire rushing along the wall and caused it to all melt as it appeared.
Lilith moved forward and cast a spell to make its attacks weaker.
Rin cackled to maintain his hexes. Then he casts a hex on the beast that makes it weaker.
I tried to punch the thing with fire attack, but it turns out, it is entirely fire immune. I switched to trying to hit it with smoke strikes and manage to do some damage to it.
Nisha prayed to her god Irori, an epic and amazing plea. Light surrounds her and she has Sanctuary cast on her.
Having learned from my mistakes, I attacked it with only smoke strikes on my next round. I dealt a ton of damage to it.
Cinder cast an electric blast into it and slew it.
I walk up and hug Nisha and tell her “I’m glad you are still here.” I hold the hug until it’s awkward.
We then discuss our next plan of action. Cinder blasts the room with bolt of lightning, clearing an area for Nisha. She rushes in and channels a blast of energy. All of the shadows shriek and then disappear.
Harley went over to the door across the room and opens it. The door is barred and a fiery version of the imp we saw earlier says “It was a mistake!”
“He killed me! Run!” said the imp.
Suddenly a swarm of shadows poured out of mirrors on either side of the room and swarmed us all, sapping the strength from our bones.
I was struck particularly hard, the agonizing pain unlike anything I’d know before.
Nisha channels, clearing the shadows again.
“You have more questions!” yells the imp.
“Will breaking the mirrors make these things stop?” I yelled.
“What will make them stop?” yelled Nisha.
“Touch the mirrors with a living hand!”
Harley and Lilith touched the mirrors. Shadows poured over them, hurting them, but the shadows stopped.
“You still have questions!”
“Where are the papers describing how to get through the traps in the Pathfinder Lodge?”
“The king holds a puzzle cube, some brave soul will have to test it. You are almost out of questions.”
“No, we’re only at 2 questions. Death must have confused you. “
“Ah yes, death jumbles the brain.” said the imp.
Cinder saw a lever through the bar. He transformed into a creature and went through.
Cinder flew over a pit as a bird, but then turned around and landed.
He landed next to an invisible assassin.
Lilith tried throwing a dagger at the invisible assassin, but messed.
“You need to stop getting in my way,” hissed the assassin.
The assassin attacked and damaged Cinder. She then summoned mirror images, making herself look blurry.
I ran forward and tried to punch the assassin. I ended up punching one of the illusions.

Meanwhile, Reshan woke up in a cell somewhere. He’s got cuts all over himself. Curiously, all his old scars are gone. He drank some potion.

Back in the fight. Nisha ran forward and zigged between everyone, getting in front of the assassin. She attacks, and the assassin attempts to parry, but fails.
Nisha successfully strikes the opponent, and the illusions disappear.
“Just join me,” says the assassin, who’s a tiefling. “Embrace your heritage. He doesn’t look worthy, but you do.”
“Does it look like I’m going to join you?” said Nisha, holding up her shield with the crest of Iomedae.
“Iomedae is a slut.” said the assassin.
Nisha got pissed and grappled the assassin.
Harley ran forward and jumped over the top of the assassin, landing behind her and stabbing her. Her stabs caused the asssasin to be unable to cast spells.
She then stabbed it again.
After that, Lillith jumped over the top of the assassin, scooped up her dagger, and stabbed the assassin in a vital area, dealing a lethal blow.
As the light began fading from her eyes, Zarias leaned in and whispered, “who’s the slut now?”
Nisha said, “I will pray for your soul.”
Rin walked forward and attempted to punch the corpse in the nose, but Nisha stopped her. He was trying to defend my honor.
“Hun, we don’t need to do this. She died already.” I said.
Nisha does a ritual to draw the symbol of Iomedae on her head.
We walked into the next room, except for Nisha. We find Reshan trapped in a cell in that room.
Rin walked back out to loot the assassin’s body, and noticed Nisha licking her fingers.
Harley tried to open the gate and instead got stabbed in the gut.
There was another occupant in the next room. It was a demon.
We discovered that the demon’s name is Salazar.
Salazar tells us that Drowned Jabe is down the water slide.
“Wait, Salazar, is the water slide dangerous?” asked Lillith.
“Oh yes, quite dangerous, do you know where you are?” said Salazar.
Salazar wants us to let him free.
“I found this cute thing. I will give it to you if you let me out.” It’s an intelligent glaive weapon. It’s moving around acting like it’s alive.
“You must never hurt us, and you must help us get out of here, Salazar,” said Cinder.
“I don’t like this business of trusting demons,” I said.
“We’ve trusted lots of demons!” pipes up Cinder.
“I know,” I said coolly. I glared at him.
“So, who’s taking this weapon?” asked Salazar.
“I think I should hold it for safekeeping,” said Nisha.
“It doesn’t like you,” said Salazar.
“I’ll take it,” said Lillith.
The weapon whispered to Salazar. “Yeah, it likes you.” It flies over and nuzzled Lillith.
“By the way, my name’s not Salazar. But keep the weapon,” the demon said.
We attacked him.
Harley stabbed “Salazar” in the back, and slew him.
When she did so, she received an Infernal Wound. Healing potions will automatically fail, and casters who try to heal her will have to pass on a DC 25 to heal her until the curse is removed.
“See, this is why we should not be in the business of trusting devilspawn,” I said.
Nisha walked over holding out her hand. She had a healing spell in it. “It’s good to have you back,” she said.
“Why are people trying to touch me?” said Reshan, getting suspicious.
“I’d appreciate you taking this spell so it doesn’t go to waste.” said Nisha.
“Ok,” said Reshan.
We discovered a book being held in the hand of a skeleton in one of the cages.
Nisha picked it up the book, looked at it reluctantly, and handed it to Rin.
“Why don’t you want the book?” asked Cinder.
“I can’t read,” said Nisha, hanging her head.
Rin offered to teach her to read.
“Let’s move on,” she said, embarrassed.
In the next room, we find the waterslide.
There are chains above the waterslide. We discover that the chains are animated, so they could attack us.
Cinder ordered his imp to go ahead down the waterslide to try and find out what was down the slide. After a moment, we hear a small scream and a splash. The imp would have been dead, but Frank and Harley spent a hero point to save it. Rin spent one more hero point to bring the imp back to us.
The imp comes screaming back. “A water elemental on the slide! A big one! Don’t send me back there.”
“Don’t lie to me,” said Cinder. “I am not. I wouldn’t lie about my own peril,” said the imp.
Nisha walked forward and attempted to grab the chain.
When she tried to grab it, it balled up and looked like it was going to strike Nisha.
I was standing next to her, so I began laying into it with my flaming fists, melting the chains.
Harley then switches past me and attacked the chains, destroying them.
Knowing of the water elemental, Cinder walked forward and shot a bolt of lightning through the water. We can hear a roil of splashing down the water.
Lillith summoned a dolphin and sent it down the waterslide. The second it hit the water, it got fried by electricity and disappeared.
We then see an enormous water elemental boiling its way up the water. It turned into a vortex of boiling water. Nisha and Rin are sucked into the water, and I’m splashed by the water, unable to make any fire type attack against it.
Reshan tried to pull Rin out, but because of how he’s swirling, Reshan missed. I managed to grab ahold of Rin, though, and with Reshan’s help I pulled him out. While it happened, Rin scarred Reshan again.
The lightning still in the water killed the water elemental. It also almost killed Nisha, knocking her out. She began sliding away down the water slide.
Rin used the Bracelet of Friends to teleport Nisha back to the top next to us.
Someone casted Dancing Lights down the waterslide. We could see that it’s a long spiraling slide with corpses floating at the bottom.
Nisha jumped into the water. So did Harley. Nisha nearly spilled out of the spiral, but Cinder, who had transformed into a giant eagle, grabbed her and set her at the bottom.
Cinder began flying the rest of us to the bottom. At the bottom, the room was split in half. On one side, there was a pool of water that was 10 feet deep. In the middle, there was a sturdy ramp for us to stand on. On the far side, there was an extremely deep pool of water. There was a platform on the other side with a gorgeous chest on it. Cinder could tell that there were a lot of traps on the chest.
Nisha looted the body. She found 24 gold and a ring of water breathing.
Nisha and Rin light up the room on the deep side of the room. We can see that there is a gigantic tentacled monstrosity in there.
480 health
Ac 28 Touch 15 flat-footed 26
DR 10/Good and silver and magic
A voice speaks behind Rin’s head. “Don’t fight it!” It’s the imp lady from before.
“You guys lied to me, you guys are insane! No one looks upon the Outcast King that is sane!”
“We didn’t know he was down here.”
“How do we open the chest?”
“No more questions! If you stop asking me questions, I’ll open the chest for you.”
We confer for a few minutes, then we tell her to do it. She flew over and disarmed all of the magical traps.
She begins to fade away. “Thanks for teaching me to count!”
Cinder in bird form picks up Harley and placed her next to the chest. She attempted to disarm the physical traps. She had some difficulty, but managed to successfully unarm them.
Loot inside the chest:
Tons of papers are on the top of the chest.
Under that there are fancy books
Then there’s a box with a depiction of golems on top that are destroying a city wall. The box is locked.
Then there is a brightly glowing liquid in a bottle, and finally there is a puzzlebox.
Harley began loading all the stuff into a handy haversack. When she touches to potion, her eyes glow for a moment and she saw visions of all sorts of heroic acts, and the gods doing heroic things.
As Harley attempted to put the bottle into the bag, it shatters, and the fluid flew out, forcing its way into all of our mouths. It also forced itself into the Outcast King’s mouth. The Outcast King woke up when that happened. He burst up to the surface of the water along with his tentacles.
A tentacle with eyes came out closest to us. Lillith stabbed it with her daggers. Then he when to stab it again using her new mythic abilty.
Lillith then asked the sentient glaive “Will you help us kill this?”
“If you stab it with my pointy end, then I will. Or if it asks nicely enough I may help it kill you.”
“Well, if you don’t help, I’ll throw you into the water and you’ll stay there forever,” said Lillith.
“I’ll try my best,” it responds.
The creature’s tentacles moved forward. Smaller tentacles holding swords moved forward and attacked Harley. One of them hit her, inflicting an Infernal Wound on her.
The two other tentacles grabbed hold of Rin and Cinder.
Unable to get over to Rin, I stepped up next to the tentacle with eyes and attacked it, smashing it in. It falls limp into the water.
Harley attacked the main body.
Cinder blasted one of the tentacles with his elemental ray, using the mythic power within him to bypass the creature’s defenses. Then he hit it with an Ice Spike.
Rin attempted to bestow a curse upon the beast, but the spell glanced off of the creature’s armor.
The main body of the beast moved forward towards us, allowing Harley to take a strike at it, then it attacked both Lillith and Nisha with its tentacles.
The beast took a swing at Reshan, but Nisha jumped in the way. The beast’s strike cut off her head.

Reshan exploded into action, shooting the monster repeatedly, laying into the beast. He then charged over to the tentacle, and blasted it once more with his tentacle.

Enraged by the deaths of my allies, the demon inside me began to scream in rage. My features became warped, my demon horns becoming long and sharp, my eyes glowing a fiery red. Smoke poured out of me in a dark cloud, which I warped around my fists. I slammed into the tentacle, knocking it lifeless, then channeled the smoke into ranged strikes, blasting the main head three times with blasts of smoke that looked like demon heads.

Harley stabbed the beast in the head, slaying it. As soon as she did, a blast of fiery energy exploded forth from the devil. I dodged underneath it, taking no damage, but it knocked the rest to the ground. Rin fell unconscious.

I rushed over and healed Rin with potions. Cinder and I then noticed the following potions in the water:

Cold iron devil’s bane battleaxe.
Wand of Cure Serious Wounds – 33 charges
Cat’s Eye Crown – gem in the center. Wearer gains darkvision. If already has it, wearer gains blindsense. Once per day you can drop the gem and use it as though it had a clairvoiance spell. They can leave the gem there invisible and use it to see things.
Ring of Feather Fall

The room began to shake. Looking around we see an apparition watching us. We go over to talk to it.

“Are you drowned Jabe?” Asked Cinder. “Yes, I am.” “We killed you.” “You killed me?”
“Well, by accident.” “Thank you.”

I asked, “So now that you’re dead, do you think you can get us out of here?”

“Yes, I need you to kill me again. Where do you want to go?”

“We want to go back to the mayor’s house.”

“What business do you have with the mayor?”

“We have friends there, we have to go back.”

“Ok, kill me.” Rin casted Cure Serious Wounds on him, and then we were back in front of the clock in the house.

The house also begins to shake. “We need to leave now,” I say.

We began to leave the house, but on the way out we see the stewardess. “Everyone, you need to leave now!” I say.

“Ignore them, we have to brace the door or everyone will die!” she yelled.

Nisha followed after the stewardess into the dining room. “What do you mean, everyone will die?”

“There’s a powerful beast in there that will slay everyone.”

Nisha gave a powerful speech to try and rally the inhabitants of the manor.

The servants all held the doors. The stewardess cast a forcefield against the door.

Rin told us that he could use the bracelet of friendship to teleport Nisha out of there, and that we needed to get the puzzle box back to the base.

With that understanding, we all took off.

<you’re> said Melek through the scar to Rin. <she>

said Rin.

We all ran out of the palace, and Rin had Steve turn into his car form. We all piled in and began driving away.

<nisha,> said Rin.

<keep> said Nisha. She then ignored any further communication.

“Why is Nisha not with us yet? Why haven’t you teleported her?” I asked.

Rin just kept driving, looking pissed.

I jumped out of the car. I began to run back towards the building. Rin puts the car in front of me, and I began trying to dodge around.

“Get back in the car!” said Rin.

“I can’t just leave her!” I responded.

“She wanted me to keep you all safe!” Rin yelled. I continued trying to dodge around the car.

And then, Rin felt his connection to Nisha through the scar disappear.


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