Council of Thieves

The Play - Part 1 (The Rin Files)

The Rin Files

Right now it is intermission. I wanted to give a quick update of how things are progressing so far.

Right before the play I feel the scar that I placed on Rashaan vanish. The only way that could happen would be if he found someone to remove it. What a dumb ass. That scar is the only reason that he has been kept alive up to this point. The next time I saw him I had Steve fly and steal one of Harleys’ swords. He drops it in my hand and I hold the point at Rashaan’s throat. I ask him why he did it. He feels that I betrayed him by asking for money on the ticket that he was selling. I only gave him the same medicine that he has been doing to everyone else. I let him know that I am done healing him. I will never heal him again and if the play doesn’t kill him I very well might.

We are told that we have a dress rehearsal performance that we have to do in front of a crowd. It won’t have all of the murder bits, so that will be nice. It goes really well. The crowds love us. As long as we do this well in the real play hopefully we will live (except for Rashaan) and get a really nice payout.

Now for the play:

Act 1:
Act one went well. There is thankfully no murderous bits in this part. Just lots and lots of talking. This is where it is decided that Larizad will stand trial.
Act 2:
This is where things start to get dicey. For the first trial Drovalid uses a magical whip to try and extract information. We all get attacked with it at the order of Handerthin. It is violent and Drovalid doesn’t hold back. After the act we are all able to go backstage and heal up.
Act 3:
This is where we are supposed to use the flukes. Ilsandra is attacked by tentacles that erupt from the ground. This part isn’t too bad, at least for Zarias and I. We use magic to only make it appear that a worm is moving through us. We didn’t actually insert the worm. Thank god.
Harley is almost killed by the tentacles, but thankfully Ariel is able to heal her after the act.


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