Council of Thieves

The Wave Door

We spoke to the head. Rin cast a Sew Thoughts spell on it. He planted the thought that she wanted to help with us.
She said if we tried to get in, then we would die. There’s something on the outside. But if we can get her inside, she can help us.
I carefully investigated the letter, looking for clues about the cipher. Every twelfth line has an extra syllable.
When I wrote down the extra syllables, it turned out to be a shorter, much more pretty poem called The Wave Door.
I can puzzle out that in a very elegant, roundabout way, that there is a beautiful door in a cove that opens if the right verse stated. Lilith had heard of this door and the location on her way to the Mayor’s place.
Behind the Wave Door is where the Pathfinders stashed a lot of good stuff.
Lilith asked the head what it can do for us if we take her along.
“I can get you past all the traps. I can tell you when you what phrases to say, what spells to prepare. I can even possibly talk to the denizens to get you past.”
We decided to travel to The Wave Door.
Before we went, however, we took care of some business.
Rin and Cinder went to the wand shop and spoke to the wand vendor. They bought a wand of Spectral Hands.
Nisha investigated into the whereabouts of Cinder’s girlfriend. She discovered that Cinder’s girlfriend had been killed by the mayor, who had blamed her for the escape of the pit fiend.
She came back to base, looking shaken. “Cinder, we need to go talk in private.”
“If it involves him, it involves the rest of the group,” said Rin.
“No it doesn’t! Cinder, do you want to talk in private? " asked Nisha.
“They’ll find out eventually,” said Cinder.
“Your girlfriend was killed. The mayor blamed her for the escape of the pit fiend.”
“She knew the risks,” said Cinder. He stood up and stormed off, taking wine along with him and beginning to down it.
During the month of preparation, people spoke with me about my new, darker appearance. Cinder poked at my horns and said that he wanted pointy horns like that. I was sensitive about my appearance and glared at him, then stormed off.
Nisha sat down with me and asked if I was ok. I said, "Frankly, no I’m not. Whatever this “blessing” is that we were given, it feels more like a curse."
“I will pray for your soul.”
Rin met with me and said that I had overcome hard things like this before, and I could overcome this too. I was better than this. He then played music and we danced.
End flashback

When we got to the beach in front of the Wave Door, a woman was laying on the ground, injured and crying.
We began to question her. She said that she had been attacked, and that some beast was going to come back and attack again. “I’ve been here since this morning,” she said. This didn’t add up, however, since Nisha noticed that she ought to have all sorts sunburns.
“Stop lying, you fucking bitch,” said Rin.
I heard the woman whisper “Kill him,” to Cinder. I got on my guard.
Her eyes began to glow and mist began to escape from her.
Having seen this, I realise something is seriously wrong. I run forward and smoke punch Cinder, trying to make him nauseated.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. He sent of a blast of fire energy that exploded, catching most of the party in it. Harley and Lilith were able to dodge, but Rin and Nisha took some serious wounds from that spell.
The naga, having finished its transformation from woman, laid into Rin, biting him repeatedly and bringing him to death’s door.
I am pissed, and I shove my tanglefoot bag into Cinder’s face, causing him to start suffocating, then steal his rod that lets him cast spells while silenced, and prepare my defenses to fight against the naga.
Then Reshann shoots the thing repeatedly with his guns, doing a bunch of damage to it.
Cinder started trying to pull the stuff off his face, but the monster told him to let her take care of that.
Harley ran forward, getting snapped at on the way, and ran under it, stabbing it and leaving her anchoring dagger in it.
Harley then began to sing to us, inspiring us.
Then the Nisha bent over, holding her shield up, and pulled the scroll of healing out of Rin’s box, and brought him back up.
The creature suddenly began to blur, then blasted Nisha with powerful rays, knocking her unconscious and nearly killing her. Only her mythic toughness kept her alive.
Cinder stood back up and cast elemental ray at a bunch of us. He failed to hit everyone except Reshan.
The creature, sensing that Rin was alive and undisabled, once again attacked him. Her strikes knocked him out, and now he was constricted.
Lilith walked carefully forward to avoid getting attacked and stabbed the beast repeatedly with her daggers, then had her summoned creature attack it with all its natural weapon.
Enraged, I jump at the beast, wings of fire bursting from my back. I fly into the beast like a truck, slamming my fist into its chest. The beast fell dead to the ground. Standing on its corpse, I scream, the sound unnatural and furious, a demonic roar of anger and agony.
The water to the left of us began to boil, and two shadowy creatures started to form around the wave door.
Reshan moved like a blur, fleet charging behind Rin and activating his crown to blast one of the appearing shadows with his crown, utterly destroying it.
Harley cast daylight, causing the area to be bathed in massive amounts of light. She continued to sing to open the door, and shadowbeasts continued pouring out of the river, but disappeared immediately as they touched the daylight.
Reshan used a wand on Rin. As Harley finishes singing her song, she slipped into a different language that Lilith vaguely recognized by the dialect as a secret druidic tongue. As the door opened, it disappated, water rushing over us. Our wounds healed away as the water flowed around us.
I walked over to check on Rin and Nisha, but didn’t touch them. I was still smoldering with fire and rage. Rin stood and put his hand, glowing with healing energy, on my chest, and said “It’s alright. I love you.” and he kissed me. The flames went out on me, and I leaned into him, wrapping him in a huge hug.
Inside the chamber is a plain wooden box that’s locked. There were no spells on the chest, but we could sense a lot of magic in the chest.
We found a bunch of potions in the chest, false identification packets that declared us as Chelish Nobility, a wooden folio which contained a scroll of clairaudience/clairvoyance, a dispel magic, erase, sunburst, true seeing. It also had a parchment in it. Reshan and I saw a white paper with red letters, the rest of the party saw a red parchment. And a wand case with a wand in it.

The paper has a long message on it:
The aeol – a powerful artifact made of two parts, one light and one dark. The Morrowfall is the light half, the Tomatrix is the dark half. Ilnorik stole the dark half and was being turned into a vampire. The Morrowfall is being kept in the chamber of the Amber Archa. The note was signed by Liriam, who was the master of lore for the Pathfinders. Ilnorik was the main muscle behind slaying the Pathfinders.
Once we’re done, we head back to our base. I tell Janavin and Arael about what happened.
They asked if we felt ready to proceed.

We went and talked to the head. “We have some words we need to talk to you about. Amber Archa? Do you know what that is?” said Lilith.

“Yes, it is the innermost chamber of the Pathfinder Lodge,” it said. “Is that where you need to go?”

“We believe so,” said Lilith.

“Not going to be easy,” said the head. “What’s in it for me?”

“What do you want?” asked Lilith.

“A body would be nice,” said the head.

I could tell that she had sinister intentions. I let the others know that by whispering it through the link to Rin.

Rin sows the thought in her head to encourage her to let us know what her intentions are.

“I’ve performed a transformation on myself to make myself into an erinyes,” said the head. “I want to kill good things. If you let me go, I’ll help you.”

We demand that she leaves Westcrown should we let her go.

“I find these terms agreeable,” she said.


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