Council of Thieves

Leaving the Party

This song is perfect for the recap.

The beast was getting weaker, but it managed to make another strike. This time at Rashaan. Nisha jumped into the path of the attack and was instantly cut down, her head removed. Rashaan used this opportunity to make an attack. He shot the monster repeatedly and then made a dodge towards the tentacle and shot it. While shooting the tentacle the monster was able to grab him and move him towards its mouth. Zarias became enraged at the fall of 2 of our companions. A darkness enveloped him and smoke started to fill the air. He used this smoke and shot it with his fists towards the beasts tentacle. The tentacle fell lifeless and Rashaan fell. Harley made another attack at the beast, stabbing it in the head killing it. As soon as she did this a fiery blast erupted throughout the room and I fell unconscious. I woke to Zarias providing me with a health potion. I then healed the remaining of us. The water had vanished with the creature and at the bottom of the empty pool they had found several items that we took. Two of the items I took. There was a wand of Cure Serious Wounds and a Cat’s Eye Crown. This is a fantastic piece of work. The crown gives the wearer dark vision. It also has another unique ability. It will allow me to remove the gem and place it down and be used as if I had the clairvoyance ability. It will be invisible wherever I place it and let me look through it.

The room starts shaking and it appears as if before long that the whole area that we are in will fall. We start to look for a way out and notice an apparition in the corner of the room. We walk over to it and discover that it is Drowned Jabe. He thanks us for killing him as it has freed him from the service of the mayor that he was forced into. We ask him if he can get us out of here. He lets us know that if we kill his spirit he will be able to transport us out. He asks where we want to go and when we tell him the mayors house he advises us to not be in the dining room as the beast in the mayor’s mansion will now be able to escape. I cast healing magic on him and he dies. We are suddenly back in the mayor’s mansion in the clock room. Nisha and Lilith are with us as well and restored back to full health.

The house starts to shake and Zarias yells that we need to leave now. We run towards the front of the house and hear the 2 giant doors in the dining room shake violently. The stewardess runs past us and yells at all of the staff that they need to help keep the door closed or everyone will die. I yell that everyone needs to get out, but most follow the word of the stewardess and keep help keep the doors closed. I am able to convince the honey man that he needs to come with us. The stewardess casts a giant forcefield spell on the door as it continues to shake. Nisha decides that she is going to help stay and do what she can to keep the beast back. We try and convince her to come with us. We can’t stay and fight this. We need to get the items that we recovered back to the rebellion. It is what we came here for and if we die now, so will the resistance. With Nisha deciding to stay the rest of our group starts to have second thoughts about leaving. I tell them that I will be able to get her out with the bracelet, but that we need to leave now.

We all run outside and Steve turns into a car that can carry everyone. In my head I hear Melek speaking to me.

You are lying to them them he says.
I will be able to convince her I insist.

I have Lilith take the wheel. As we are driving down the road I attempt to convince Nisha that she needs to come with us.

Rin – Nisha, you have to let me get you out of there. We need you. You are what helps keep us together and from doing things that are far too extreme.

Nisha – I must stay. I have to help fight or so many people will die. You need to keep them safe and help keep them in line. They listen to you and will follow you.

I ask if there is any way that I can convince her that she needs to come with us, but she insists that there is not. I take over driving from Lilith and fume silently, knowing that Nisha is most likely going to her death and there is nothing that I can do to stop her.

Everyone in the car starts to wonder why Nisha hasn’t joined us yet. Zarias asks “Why is Nish not with us yet? Why haven’t you teleported her?” I continue driving and don’t respond. Zarias jumps out of the car and starts to run back towards the mansion. I flip the car around and yell at him to get back into the car. He attempts to doge and yell that we can’t just leave her there. I let him know that she wanted me to keep them all safe and that she refused to leave. I then feel my connection to her go dead. I let everyone know this and fear the worst. Nisha is most likely dead.


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