Council of Thieves

The after play events (The Rin Files)

8:16 PM

Ok, this is going to be a very short entry. Right now I am sooo angry. I will get to why in just a moment. We left the play and Cinder and I were summoned by a mysterious entity. He told us that he has been watching us and seems to know everything about us. He gave us 2 demons in exchange for us to meet him again in 2 weeks.

We arrive back at base with Melek in tow. Ermola decides to say “who brought the freak”. I lost it. I am not going to put up with the racist bitch, especially to someone as nice as Melek. I look at her and light her on fire and then go to shoot her with an ice bolt. Nisha, the dumb fuck that she is gets in the way and gets hit with the ice shard. We get interrupted by our “lord and savior” Ariel who makes us stop. First chance I get this will continue until Ermola is gone. That is all that I can write for now. I have already lit several papers on fire in my anger and if I go further this log may burn as well…


acoustichase tayne_obray

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