Council of Thieves

The long month

After we returned back to base with Melek and Nisha alive we found that it had been fully restored and decorated thanks to Melek’s team of workers. It was almost hard to tell that it had been the run down place from before. We were met with the remainder of the resistance congratulating us on the successful mission. The woman from the pathfinder Society was there. We handed over the puzzle and were told that it was going to take some time to figure out how it works. Lilith spent the month working to gain favor with our group and was eventually voted into the group. Zarias and I were able to spend some nice downtime doing normal couple stuff (you know, not killing and running for our lives). I can tell that he has a lot on his mind after what happened in the mansion and the knot. He is starting to let his darker aspects come out. This is something that he has found against and I hate to see it happen. I know that he doesn’t want to lose himself to it.

I also spend this time utilizing the new magic that I have gained to get a better understanding of it and I am able to bottle several of my spells for later use if we ever need them in a pinch.

At the start of the month I find myself waking up holding the large diamond that we found in the mansion even though I didn’t go to sleep holdling it. We do some research on the diamond and find that it is an ancient cursed item that attempts to steal the souls of those that have it. At breakfast shortly after this we find the pathfinder woman attempting to steal the diamond from my bag. This is something that I won’t tollerate. I lash out with an attack that she is able to dodge. She attempts to attack me, however Nisha is able to make her lose the spell that she was trying to cast. There is lots of yelling and I decide the best thing to do may be to knock her out and then scar her as we can no longer trust her. I go to the kitchen and get us both a drink. I have put the Roofies that we found at the Mayor’s party into her drink. When she drinks it however, nothing happens. God dammit this bitch. We agree to give her the diamond in exchange for 75,000 gold and the remains of an airship. She takes the diamond and departs. Once the month ends we receive a letter from her with the 75,000 gold and no airship parts. She informs me that she wasn’t able to get the parts for an airship. That is the final straw. We will now steal the diamond back and kill her if we get the chance. No one is allowed to attempt to steal from us and then double cross us like that.

A month after we return we are told they have figured out how to use the puzzle, but don’t know the entire comination. We will have to do some trial and error to open it. Once the puzzle is started it must be completed by the person who started the puzzle. They will not be able to put it down or stop. It is a 12 sided puzzle. Whoever attempts to solve the puzzle will have to trace the sides of the puzzle in the correct order. Nisha decides that she should be the one to attempt to open the puzzle and we agree. As she starts to trace the firs side of the puzzle she guesses it wrong and it blasted by fire. The puzzle takes several hours to complete with each mistake becoming more and more painfull. Nisha is blasted with fire, eleectricity, cold, she is stabbed, injected with poison, covered in acid and almost killed. Cinder is doing what he can to mitigate the elemental damage and I am healing Nisha when needed. Once the puzzle is unlocked it opens up, flattens, and expands into a platter. On the platter are several wands, scrolls, a notebook, and a severed head. As we look at the head it stars screaming and babbling nonsense.


acoustichase tayne_obray

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