Council of Thieves

The Mayor's Party Begins (Zarias PoV)

The mayor – Abarian Arvanzi. Very corrupt. Very ugly. Also very lustful.
Stewardess – Crosail Razdoven. Very uptight. Knows everything about the house and all the people.
General Vorn – Very honorable. Head of the West crown fleet. He’s supposed to be super tight ass, has no sense of humor. He and the mayor don’t get along at all. He fought to help Asmodeus become leader.
Ertin Oberago – He’s higher up in the Oberago family. Expected to be crime boss.
Saskar Tolernos – raging alcoholic. People invite her to make fun of her when she gets really drunk. She’s old and tries to look younger than she’s supposed to.
Chamedy Drovenge -

We left on a carriage to go to the mayor’s house. The carriage includes umbrellas. It is raining really hard outside, but the second we pull into the mayor’s gorgeous courtyard, the rain stops.
It turns out there’s a tarp over the coutyard, but it’s disguised with an illusion.

The driver opens the door for us. A guy in a butler suit is standing at the entrance. He has on a cloth skull mask. He’s standing in a proper pose.

Reshan asked the guy if he could have his mask. He ignored him and opened the door. He announced Reshan name.
The mayor stands in the far back. All of the servants are dressed in full skeleton suits.
The Queen of Bones we met before is here.
As Reshan walks in, the butler touches him and his costume disappear.
“Your bachelor’s snuff, sir. Please be responsible and enjoy yourself.” said the butler.
Harley enters next. “Harley Ilsandric, playing the role of Ilsandra.” says the butler, gently touching her on the shoulder.
“Who’s your plus one?” asked the butler. “Amaya.” He announced her.
“The mayor goes up to Harley. “Such a pleasure to meet you. The lust that rolled off your lips was inspiring.”
“And the star of the show, Cinder Buloc!” As cinder walks in, he’s given his gentleman’s snuff the mayor walks up to him with tears in his eyes. “Such an honor, it’s great to meet you. No offense to the rest of you, but Cinder was my favorite. Pure genius. Did you know your father is going to be in attendance?”
“Oh, yes, I did,” said Cinder, lying.
“Oh good, I hear it’s going to be quite the reunion.”
I go in next, and intentionally trip a little bit on my way in. The mayor laughs uproariously. When my character’s costume is dispelled, there’s a small “ooh” when people realize I don’t look ridiculous. “So glad to meet you. You played the most ridiculous Tybain. I’m sure that Aroden is turning in his grave.”
I laugh fakely.
Rin went next. He receives the next biggest cheer in the crowd.
The butler laughs when he sees Melek. “you must be joking Melek, I can’t let you in. Go home now.”
“I’m with him,” said Melek.
“Go away,” said the butler.”
“He’s with me, dumbass,” said Rin.
The mayor comes over and told Melek he must go away also. “I don’t allow ugly things in my house.”
Rin dispels his disguise. Smoke is rising around him and the eyes of his demon and his familiar are glowing red.
“He’s coming in.”
Cinder walks up and squeezes the mayor’s arm and winks. “Can you please let him in? For me?”
“Fine, because Cinder asked.”
Rin, Larko and I are given gentleman’s snuff. Melek is not. Rin insists on Melek getting gentleman’s snuff.
The mayor has us follow him. “We’ll be going through my garden of earthly pleasures. Please save introductions until we’ve gotten to the main room.”
The upper sky in the garden is actually an illusion that is maintained by the stewardess. It matches day or night but is always cloudless.
Banks are thick with wildflowers. Doors are underneath the bridge. A waterfall runs through the place that comes out of a devil’s mouth to the north.
Reshan slips Rin 5 charges of gunpowder. “You might be able to use these for fun.”
Rin looks up at the place and says, “Hogwarts.”
Once again, the mayor says “I don’t know if you heard me before, but if any of you are capable of magic, this is a house of peace and love, please leave it outside.”
We walk into another room. The walls are decorated with hellish scenes that make it appear as though Westcrown were in hell. There are chandeliers from the ceiling. There’s a grandfather clock that looks like demons eating unicorns. To the north is a large black door that leads downward.
“Please, everyone mingle, and when the first course comes out, we’ll all be seated.” says the mayor.
Aside from the people noted, there are some nobles that we don’t know.
Servants go around and offer people wine. I take a glass to hold.
I follow close to Rin because this whole thing makes me uncomfortable.
Rin goes up to talk to Celine. She is talking to Chamity.
Cinder has a small conversation with his imp. He tries to get the imp to drink the wine. “I’m forbidden sir.”
“How come?”
“It’s dangerous to my kind, it can destroy us to our very core.” Cinder knows that he’s lying.
“Why do you lie, little imp?” asks Cinder.
“It’s in my very nature,” said the imp. “I lied the the man you had me kill. I pretended to be a pet. Then I shoved a dagger down his throat.” Cinder again knows he’s lying. “Again with the lies,” said Cinder.
“If you want me not to lie, master, you can command me to do so.” This is the truth. Cinder commands him to drink the potion.
Rin asked his imp how difficult it will be to kill Reshan for the imp. He demands that the imp never lie to him.
“Very difficult. We’re no match for a great warrior.”
Reshan walks up to the Baroness. She and he have a cordial and flirty conversation.
Harley walks up to the mayor and flirts with him. He’s giggly and loves her.
Rin wants to talk to Celine, but instead walks past the Baroness. “Shit, I thought the gravity felt heavy here tonight. Guess We’re not eating tonight.”
They exchange insults with each other. I push him away from the baroness. They exchange parting insults.
Cinder walks up to the strange nobles who are all standing in a group with each other. They turned out to be vampires. “Can I ask you a question?” asked Cinder.
“Are you wondering who bit your slut of a mother? Because we can’t answer that question.”
“Excuse me, I’m going to go talk to a real vampire,” said Cinder. “Oh, good. Please do,” they tell him. He walks away.
Cinder asked his imp if he knew who those people was. “nasty people. I don’t associate myself with those people. I hate undead.”
“What if I was to become undead? Don’t lie to me.”
“I’d be forced to love you.”
Nisha walks up to the stewardess and starts flirting. Eventually she gets turned down brutally. “did you hear the rumors? Look, I have nothing against your people but I have nothing for them either!”
“I’m sorry, you just looked stressed and I wanted to calm you down,” said Nisha.
The mayor tells the woman to get the stick out of her ass and be nice to the guests.
Reshan goes and flirts with the old lady who looks young. “You’re such a nice looking lady for the age of 20? 18?” he says, brown-nosing.
They flirt and get happy together.
Harley goes and talks to the vampires. “how’s your time at the party been?”
“It just started. It’s bright, and full of color, and we hate it. You know your breed’s blood is delicious. Are you a willing donor?”
“It depends,” said Harley.
“You will improve this party for us greatly.”
Harley asks the people what they’ll give her in return.
‘you can make some demands, we can compromise,” said the vampire.
“I would give it to you in exchange for a favor.” said Harley.
“Within reason.” said the vampire. “we won’t put ourselves at risk.”
“how much?”
“A goblet for each of us.” said the man.
“That’s too much.”
“Half a goblet each. It’s not so much the blood, it’s just knowing that someone from the heavens would give us blood.”
Harley is still hesitant.
“We’re very precise. Unlike that one over there. I hear Celine drank three people dry when she changed.” said the vampire.
Harley instantly shares that information with Rin, who shares it with the rest of us using the scars.
Rin and I walked over to Celine and chat with her and Chamity. Chamity holds out her hand and expects us to kiss it. I reluctantly kiss her hand. Rin makes Steve kiss her hand at first but then reluctantly kisses her hand afterwards. We learn that they hate each other during their conversation. I comment on how lovely the mayor’s house is. Chamity says it’s a dog house. Celine says it’s quite lovely.
The mayor comes over to talk to Celine. “Did Chamity just leave?”
“She was being simply dreadful,” said Celine. “I don’t know why she came to this anyway.”
Cinder walks over and greets Celine. She’s very polite to him.
We chat with the mayor and Celine. They eventually ask me why I’ve been so quiet.
I tell them that these things are really my forte, I’m much better at punching things than I am talking.

Reshan walks over to talk to Nisha and asks how she’s doing.
“I just learned a very important lesson that I shouldn’t believe rumors. I just got turned down very hard on my very best a game.”
“You know, Reshan, I overheard that people that get too drunk get rooms. and they have heated baths.”

Harley goes with the vampires out to the river area. On the way past, she stares hard at Nisha to get her attention. Harley sends a message via Rin to everyone to keep an eye on her.
Amaya is following behind. “Should I stay back, or should I come with?” she asks.
“Oh, she can come with if she wants to donate.” Amaya looks nervous at that.
“No, she’s not donating. I’ll be ok,” Harley says to Amaya.
The vampires jump and glide off the bridge.
Harley jumps off after them. she lands gracefully on her feet.
They go to the door under the bridge. The vampires talk to the servants. “Are you going to stand there, or are you going to get to work??”
The servants scurry away.
They tell her to lean up against the wall. She does.
The first vampire breathes seductively on her neck. She feels giddy.
The vampire bites her. As soon as she’s bit, Rin feels the damage to her and says that we need to get the fuck down there now.
Celine speaks in Rin’s head. “So, what’s happening?” Rin looks taken aback, but says “Our friend is getting eaten by vampire”
“Well, let’s go have a look, shall we?” asked Celine. “Calmly…”
We walk calmly but quickly over to the bridge area. 2 other vampires have bitten Harley in the meantime.
When we get there, Celine yells “Stop!” as another vampire goes for Harley. The vampires freeze in their tracks.
As I jump down, I ignite my fists.
“Woah, it’s ok,” said Celine.
“I told you I’m better at punching.” I say, striding forward.
“Look at them,” she said, patting one’s cheek. “It’s under control.”
A servant comes out and tries throwing dust on me. “Are you ok?” asks the servant.
I let the fire die. “I’m quite alright,” I tell him.
Celine has a conversation with the vampires and convinces them to leave Harley alone.
“I guess the deal is off then,” says the lead vampire with a cool smile.
“I think that’s fair, don’t you?” said Celine pointedly.
“Yeah, that’s fine.” said Harley.
Rin asks Melek if he can heal Harley, but Melek is totally wasted and can’t help.
Celine tries to help heal Harley. When she does, the whole house shakes and gates slam shut. Sirens go off.
“WHO TRIED TO CAST MAGIC?” demanded the mayor.
We learn that wild magic is loose in the house.
The mayor comes over and looks down under the bridge.
“We all need to make out now.” says Celine.
I don’t complain. I just grab Rin and kiss him.
‘Will you all separate your faces for a second? Did any of you see what happened? Who cast magic?”
“We’re kind of busy here,” said Celine, grabbing Harleys boob.
Rin noticed from the spell effect that it unlocked every door within 100 feet.
“Is everyone OK here?” asks the mayor.
“I’m afraid our friend has had a little too much.” I tell the mayor.
“Oh, already?” the mayor laughs. “Can someone carry to her room?”
I tell Celine we owe her a debt. “Thanks for your help with that situation.”
“Well, that spell I tried casting was quite expensive,” said Celine.
“Let us talk with our leaders, and they should be able to reimburse you,” I say.
“Your leaders?” asks Celine.
“Yes, our troupe leaders,” I say.
We all go back to the feast. Most everyone is seated already. Melek is in the corner, wasted out of his mind.
Rin sits next to the stewardess. I sit next to Rin. Harley sits next to me. Cinder sits on the other side of the stewardess.
As we begin to eat, the grandfather clock chimes seven. The servants begin bringing out food.
The mayor stands up after the plates are put in front of us. “we call this one the feast of the giant wolf. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do.”
The platters are lifted away and steaming plates of food are in front of us.
I stealthily hide the food away in my sleeves. Rin feeds the food to his imp and eats doritos instead.
Nisha takes a couple of bites. Cinder does as well. Reshan also had some. The food was drugged.
I commended the Stewardess on a really well done party. She is grateful.
The creepy dude slips a piece of paper into Reshan pocket and communicates with him mentally. He asks if we’re here because of the pit fiend. He says that we should talk with him after. This whole time, they’re smiling at each other.
The mayor asks Nisha if she didn’t like her food, seeing that she hasn’t eaten. He makes Nisha eat more.
The course is over now. “The next course is at 8 o’clock. Please enjoy yourselves.”
We go over to meet with the crime lord.
He sends away all of our plus ones. “What are you all here for really?” asks the crime boss.
“What is it to you?”


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