Council of Thieves

The wave door

After working with the head for several

hours we were finally able to make some

progress with the head. Harley and

Lilith were able to act friendly towards

it and I was able to plant the thought

in its head that it wanted to tell us

the answers that we were trying to find.

Shortly after casting the spell the head

seemed to snap to it’s senses and

realized that we could each help

each other. We asked if it could help

with the poem that we found along with

it, however it couldn’t. After further

study from us we were able to find a

poem hidden within the poem disguised as

extra syllables in the words. The new

poem was about a wave door and how to

open it. We learned from the head where

the wave door was and we decided to head

to there to see what we were able to

find. I have been working on vastly

increasing Steve’s abilities and he is

now able to transform into the Tardis.

For those of you that don’t know what a

Tardis is, it is a spaceship. It looks

like a tall blue box that has the words

police box on it. On the outside it is

roughly the size of a telephone booth

(an average closet) however, when you

open the door you find that it is larger

on the inside. Right now it can only

fly, however I do intend to eventually

imbibe the magic to allow him to

teleport through space and time, but

that is a bit of a ways down the road. I

had Steve turn into the Tardis and

several of us jumped in, Nisha however

refused and decided to ride her horse

there. Once we arrived at the location

of the wave door we found an injured

woman there. She was healed and then

cast a spell on Cinder. It made him feel

much more powerful. She told us that she

wasn’t able to do that to anyone else as

she didn’t have spells prepared. We

could tell that this was a lie. I tried

to make her tell the truth, but the next

thing I know I am hit by a spell from

Cinder and then notice that the woman

has transformed into a massive Naga. She

lunges at me and everything goes dark. I

come to sometime later and see that

Nisha has cast a healing spell on me

from a scroll. I see the Naga attack her

and she falls, near death. Cinder

attempts to attack us again, but misses.

The naga then lunges at me once more and

everything turns black again. I awake

suddenly to Rashaan healing me from a

wand. As I look up I see Harley singing

and the wave door glowing. shadow beasts

start to appear and 1 is blast by

Rashaan before Harley is able to cast

daylight. More beasts try to appear,

however, they are all killed by the

light. Harley finishes singing and the

wave door vanishes. Water rushes over us

and we feel fully healed. I look over at

Zarias and see that he is still very

angry. Smoke and fire are still visible

coming from him. I walk up and surround

us in a healing light, letting him know

that I love him and it is ok. I lean in

and kiss him and the fire instantly goes

out. Behind where the wave door had been

we find a chest. It isn’t trapped so we

are able to open it. Inside are many

things, among them false identifications

and magical items. We take all of this

and head back to base. We discuss what

we found out with the head. It asks for

a body and offers to help us out in the

lodge if we are able to provide it with

one. I happen to have one from a

purchase that I made shortly after

joining the rebellion. Cinder and Lilith

obtain the blood of virgins as that is

needed with the body to bring the head

back to full like. We give her the

needed items and she starts the ritual.


acoustichase tayne_obray

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